How to Use the Library

What is the Japan Prize Library?

The Japan Prize Library was created in 1974 to propagate the fruits of the Japan Prize competition for use in the enhancement and development of educational broadcasting all over the world. The library was established as a lending library and, with the makers’ consent, copies and loans out prizewinning and other outstanding Japan Prize entries to broadcasters, content producers, and research organizations for use in program studies and training program producers. (This consent is specified in the use of program entries section of the Entry Rules page on the website.)

Conditions of use

  • The Japan Prize Library lends materials to schools (including kindergartens, primary, secondary and tertiary schools, colleges and universities, and schools for pupils with special needs), research organizations, broadcasters and others for strictly educational, non-profit, non-external use. It cannot, for example, be posted on a website or used for public broadcast etc. No maker’s copyright has been granted for broadcast, commercial, appreciation or private individual use.
  • The programs are loaned in dubbed or subtitled English-language versions in principle. Some Japanese-language versions are also available. Please contact the library for details of these.
  • DVD loans are made free of charge but the borrower is expected to bear the sending costs.
  • Loans should, in principle, be returned within one month. Please make your borrowing request by filling in the borrowing form and submitting it to the library.

To apply for the Japan Prize Library , please fill in the Application Form and submit it to the Secretariat.

Application Form

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