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IPCEM (International Producers Conference for Educational Media)

Session 1

[ Can Media Help Children Who Suffer? ]
Bullying, poverty, domestic violence, homelessness. A large number of Japan Prize 2016 entries inform us that children are suffering in difficult social situations. A young refugee wanders far from his homeland; children suffer from violence at the hands of their parents. What can we media producers do to help? And how should these situations be treated in the context of educational content? In this session, we will discuss the background of those entries, and explore the possibilities of educational content designed to help children who are suffering.

Sevilay Bozdemir

Executive Producer
Turkish Radio and Television (TRT)

Loes Wormmeester

Commissioning Editor, Youth Department

Mimi Dadson

Head of Education Department (TV) Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC)


Aya Abe

Tokyo Metropolitan University
Research Center for Child and Adolescent Poverty

Session 2

[ Exploring the Next Generation of Digital Learning ]
The digital evolution continues to generate an exciting transform in learning landscape. It also leads the contents creators to broaden their scope of their activity/platform, with offering more engaging, effective learning experience with even wider users. One great example is Pixar in a Box collaborated with Khan Academy, showing the connections between STEM and digital animation. How educational content could optimize its horizon to better integrate into emerging digital platform? The session explores what lesson to be learnt for the content creators to more proactively and flexibly cope with the situation by in-depth examining the real experience.

Director, Special Projects
Pixar Animation Studios,
(United States)

David Squire

Creative Director
(United Kingdom)

Kåre V. Poulsen

Cross Media Executive Producer
Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR),


Masahiro Sato

Digital Hollywood University Graduate School