Japan Prize 2023
The Japan Prize Festival Week

November 22 (Wed) Day 3

3:45pm – 5:00pm

Award-winners Screenings & Discussions

- Like me (33 min, Norway)

Screening Schedule

  • Like me
    • Y034 Like me
    • Norway

    In this episode of a teen drama series produced by Norway’s public broadcaster, NRK, 16-year-old Sophie and Leo meet again after having had sex together for the very first time. Young people’s conflicted desires to be liked and popular are depicted with searing realism.
    Director and scriptwriter Anne Wisloff explains that all people have these same anxieties when young. She wants to send them the message that they are not alone.
    In the post-screening discussion, Wisløff will be asked about the situation of sex education in Norwegian schools, and also which points required special care in producing a drama for teenagers on the subject of sex.

    * This work contains depictions of sexual contact between teens. Parental consent should be obtained in advance before viewing by children and adolescents.

    Anne Wisloff

    Anne Wisloff