Japan Prize 2023
The Japan Prize Festival Week

November 22 (Wed) Day 3

1:30pm – 3:15pm

Award-winners Screenings & Discussions

- Two Kids a Day (55 min 20 sec, Israel, Finland)

Screening Schedule

  • Two Kids a Day
    • L086 Two Kids a Day
    • Israel, Finland

    The documentary is set in a Palestinian town surrounded by Jewish settlements on the West Bank. According to the director Wachsmann, 700 Palestinian children there are arrested by the Israeli forces every year, making Two Kids a Day, the title of this work.
    The four boys featured in the documentary were all sentenced to long terms in custody for throwing stones at Israeli soldiers. Wachsmann explains that the Israeli forces arrest and incarcerate children to undermine the Palestinan community’s opposition to the Jewish settlements. This brave criticism of the Israeli army by an Israeli director has fomented discussion in the region.
    How have the Israelis and the Israeli government reacted to this work? What inspired Wachsmann to make it? Wachsmann will talk on these and other themes at the screening.

    David Wachsmann

    David Wachsmann