Japan Prize 2023
The Japan Prize Festival Week

November 22 (Wed) Day 3

10:00am – 12:15pm

Award-winners Screenings & Discussions

- Pebble Hill (29 min, Switzerland, France, Belgium)
- Kwat and Jai (20 min 2 sec, Brazil)

Screening Schedule

  • Pebble Hill
    • E059 Pebble Hill
    • Switzerland, France, Belgium

    A family of shrews lives happily by a stream until, one day, their entire village is swept away by torrential rain. An old shrew also made homeless by the flood joins them on their quest for a new home before winter begins.
    Swiss director Marjolaine Perreten has won many prizes for her short animations.
    Perreten says she wants this work to inspire empathy for refugees who have lost their homes through war or environmental devastation. She explains she decided to make it as a “road movie” after asking herself how children can be helped to understand the sufferings of families in search of a safe place to live.
    This year, too, Europe has been inundated by major floods and many homes have been lost. At the screening, we will consider such questions as how, without preaching, children’s curiosity about war and the environment can be nurtured, with special thought to balancing the needs of education and entertainment.

    Marjolaine Perreten

    Marjolaine Perreten


  • Kwat and Jai - The baby heroes of Xingu
    • I072 Kwat and Jai - The baby heroes of Xingu
    • Brazil

    Kwat and Jai, the Sun and Moon twins, go in search of their mother who has been swallowed by an anaconda. Their own courage, visions of their mother and her lullabies lead the two infants through a series of adventures to a place where their people belong. The lullabies infuse the work with the special world view of the indigenous Brazilian tribes.
    Director and scriptwriter Clarice Martins Cardell wants to share this native world view of connectedness with nature with the world’s children.
    What can educational programs do to protect cultural diversity and pass it on to the future? What prompted Cardel, with her many years in stage direction, to take up the challenge of making a children’s program? What attractions do children’s programs hold for Cardel? In the discussion after the screening, we will also ask Cardel how she, as a creator, seeks to address social issues facing Brazil.

    Clarice Martins Cardell

    Clarice Martins Cardell