Japan Prize 2023
The Japan Prize Festival Week

November 21 (Tue) Day 2

2:00pm – 4:15pm

Award-winners Screenings & Discussions

- The Smeds and The Smoos (26 min 47 sec, U.K.)
- Karma’s World (12 min, Canada, United States, Ireland)

Screening Schedule

  • The Smeds and The Smoos
    • I023 The Smeds and The Smoos
    • United Kingdom

    This hit animation broadcast last Christmas by the UK’s public broadcaster, the BBC, achieved an extraordinary viewing share of 36%.
    On a distant planet, Janet and Bill fall in love after a chance meeting in Wurpular Wood but their families, the Smeds and the Smoos, are dead set against the match. Can the two families overcome their differences to find a happy solution?
    This work takes the road of pure entertainment to teach young children the importance of respect for diversity. What devices make this work so enjoyable for children and adults when watching it together? At the screening, the animation director will be asked about the secrets of their 3D characters and the stories behind their hit.

    Daniel Snaddon

    Daniel Snaddon


  • Karma’s World - Winston’s Worries
    • E065 Karma’s World - Winston’s Worries
    • Canada, United States, Ireland

    This popular animation is distributed globally on Netflix.
    10-year-old Karma wants to be a music artist and rapper. She has enormous talent and an even bigger heart. Her friend, Winston, is determined to give his grandmother a very special birthday. He panics, though, while shooting her birthday video. He just can’t get it right! Can Karma help him express his real feelings and calm him down?
    This series was triggered by a comment by the daughter of popular American rapper Ludacris (Christopher Bridges), who said she wanted to see a program that featured a girl who liked rap. It encapsulates wisdom from across the world in entertaining stories that children from every background can relate to and enjoy. Director O’Hanlon will discuss how the program tackles diversity, both in the stories themselves and behind the scenes.

    Bronagh O’Hanlon

    Bronagh O’Hanlon