Japan Prize 2022
Events and Awards Ceremony

November 2 (Wed)

5:00P.M. – 6:10P.M.

Showcasing “Empathy”

Today, empathy is a human skill necessary to navigate the world. This session featured seven finalist films that used the power of empathy to portray social issues and inequalities, such as disability, gender, poverty, and refugees. The speakers discussed, as content creators, the importance of continuing to produce stories that people can connect with so that children can build a better future for themselves.

* Excerpts of the films introduced in this session have been further edited and shortened for our web page.

Screening Schedule

  • I Love 'Mee'
    • I046 I Love 'Mee'
    • Japan
    • The series aims to provide an introduction to comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in an entertaining, approachable way. This episode focuses on tickling. While often innocent, tickling can sometimes be unwanted, and can even be linked to sexual abuse. Tickling serves as a familiar topic from which to explore personal space, the concept of consent, and children’s right to bodily autonomy.
  • The animals at Petsy start school
    • I049 The animals at Petsy start school
    • Sweden
    • Animals at Petsy preschool encounter both great fun and major setbacks. What to do when someone is bullied for his name? What to say when your friend refuses to go to school? In this episode Wool the dog says stop to his friends’ intrusive hugs because even when friends mean well, they must always listen to the word STOP.
  • Het Klokhuis: Your body belongs to you
    • E059 Het Klokhuis: Your body belongs to you
    • Netherlands
    • Inappropriate/transgressive sexual behavior is a serious social problem. In the episode a psychologist and a woman that experienced sexual abuse when she was a child, talk about the rules and experiences of touching. About when it’s nice to be touched, and when it is not. About that your body belongs to you, and you are in control/charge of it. About what you can do if something bad happens, and that it’s never your fault.
  • Dounia and the Princess of Aleppo
    • E061 Dounia and the Princess of Aleppo
    • Canada
    • Forced to leave their country, Dounia and her grandparents set off in search of a new home. As she travels around the world in search of asylum, Dounia encounters many people and lives many great adventures. And when she encounters an obstacle that seems insurmountable, the wisdom of the ancient world comes to her rescue in the form of the nigella seeds and the legends of her country.
  • All That Remains To Be Seen
    • Y001 All That Remains To Be Seen
    • Denmark
    • When Silas suddenly can’t find his friends in the schoolyard, Christina knows all too well what that means: He’s losing his eyesight, just like she did as a child. She knows how everything changes when your eyesight deteriorates. But how do you teach your child to be brave and confident in a world that is slowly going black?
  • Spotless
    • Y009 Spotless
    • Netherlands
    • During her menstrual period, 15-year-old Ruby does not dare to ask her mother for tampons or pads, because she knows that there is really no money for them. In order not to be a burden to anyone around her, she tries to solve it herself. A short drama introducing the subject of menstrual poverty, an unknown subject for many.
  • Medullas, time to heal
    • L019 Medullas, time to heal
    • Colombia
    • Through an emotional dialogue between multiple personal stories of diverse women, each episode sensitively addresses the experiences of violation lived by the characters and related to discrimination, violence, and gender inequality. By sharing their real stories and experiences, they deconstruct and re-signify their own memory, which is also represented by the roots of a Nogal, Bogota’s flagship tree.
    • L023 Young Plato
    • Ireland
    • Young Plato charts the dream of Elvis-loving school headmaster Kevin McArevey, a maverick who is determined to change the fortunes of an inner-city community plagued by urban decay, sectarian aggression, poverty, and drugs. The all-boys primary school in post-conflict Belfast becomes a hothouse for questioning violence, as the headmaster sends his young wards home each day armed with the wisdom of the ancient Greek philosophers.
  • Alone
    • L064 Alone
    • Canada
    • Scared for their lives, Afshin, Alain, and Patricia left their home countries, alone. As unaccompanied minors, they had to start over in Canada, in hopes to live a better life. Mixing real-life footage and animated sequences, Alone is a tribute to hope: how can a child manage to reinvent himself in a new country, after having left everything behind, even his parents?
Aldana Duhalde

Aldana Duhalde



Aldana Duhalde is a photographer, journalist, scriptwriter, and consultant. She has created and produced programs and channels with cultural and educational content. She is a trainer of the formats "The day I become strong" (Prix Jeunesse International) and "WADADA News for Kids" (Free Press Unlimited) and one of the directors of the "Children in the Centre" foundation. She moderates international debates and workshops on Media and Children, including the Prix Jeunesse Suitcase, and has created the Post-Grade Seminar on Media for children (Universidad de Buenos Aires, UBA). She was the Director of Content of National Channel Pakapaka developing formats such as Sound Hunters, Petit and PakaData. She is an active member of CONACAI (National Advisory Council for Audiovisual Communication and Childhood, Argentina).

Faraz Osman

Faraz Osman

Managing Director
Gold Wala

United Kingdom

Faraz Osman is the Founder and Managing Director of independent production company Gold Wala. Recent credits include CBeebies format “What’s On Your Head?” “The Parent Rap” for BBC’s Tiny Happy People, “My Mate’s A Muslim” for BBC Three, short drama “Listen, Dad” for CBBC, and “Yo! MTV Raps Streets.” He has worked with brands including Apple, Red Bull, Sony, vevo and many more. Previously, he held the position of MD at youth focused indie Lemonade Money and was the Editor of Education at Channel 4. Osman is also the current chair of the BAFTA Children’s and Young People Committee, is a regular columnist for Broadcast Magazine and commentator for the Media Podcast.

Simon Kessler

Simon Kessler

Documentary Filmmaker


Simon Kessler is a filmmaker and director of photography based in Paris. He has lived and worked in the United States, Canada and Australia. He has directed a number of documentaries for French and international TV networks such as National Geographic, Disney+, Canal+, TF1. His work focuses on intimate portraits of people, places and institutions in moments of transition, with a strong emphasis on social and environmental issues. In 2020, his award-winning documentary Generation Greta (co-written with Johan Boulanger) was selected as a finalist work for the Japan Prize. When he doesn’t make films, Simon likes cooking vegetarian food, playing ukulele and singing with his daughter.

Gune (Gunny) Hyoung

Gune (Gunny) Hyoung

Executive Producer
Korea Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) / EBS International Documentary Festival (EIDF)

Republic of Korea

Gunny studied architecture first but moved to the Mass Communication (BA) & TV and Film Section (MA) in America. He started with documentary program in EBS and then became one of founding members of the EIDF (EBS International DOC Film Festival). His overseas career started with Radio Netherlands, and Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) in Malaysia for years. Gunny also worked as jury members of international film festivals such as Shanghai, Chicago, and Rio de Janeiro and Decision Makers of Tokyo DOCs, IDFA and HOTDOCS Canada. He also directed several programs for EBS Prime Time documentary series including “Architecture Happiness,” “Our Urban City,” and “Memories of Sten Bergman.” He currently works as Executive Producer of the EIDF. Most of the films presented in the festival are to be aired in Public TV EBS.