November 1 (Tue)

1:30P.M. – 2:45P.M.

In collaboration with Prix Jeunesse
Screening: Why Didn’t You Stay for Me?

A Special Screening of the Prix Jeunesse Heart Prize winning film "Why Didn't You Stay for Me?" We will welcome the director Milou Gevers to talk about the film's creation and share her experience of interviewing children who lost their parents to suicide.

  • * Simultaneous Japanese/English interpretation available
  • * Captions in real-time is avaiable via UD Talk.

* The film introduced in this session has been edited and shortened for our web page.

Gotoh Lea

Gotoh Lea

Director, Welfare Programs, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)


Gotoh Lea joined NHK in 2010. In 2016, she began working on the social-welfare program “Heart Net TV”. In 2020, she joined the production team for a project that makes NHK television content more accessible through sign language.
Her standout programs include “Ikiru Tame No Telebi” (TV for the Sake of Living), which reaches out to young people who have expressed suicidal feelings; “#On the Night of August 31st” (awarded the Special Prize in Honour of the President of the Italian Republic at the Prix Italia competition in 2018), which combined TV, a livestream, and social media to create a place where suicidal teenagers could share their feelings without fear; and “Watashi Wa Papageno”(I, Papageno-Our Life Stories with Suicidal Feelings), which tackles suicidal feelings in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic by leveraging the Papageno effect (the influence that mass media can have by responsibly reporting on suicide and presenting non-suicide alternatives to crises).

Milou Gevers

Milou Gevers



Graduated from the Dutch Film Academy in 2020 with her documentary Why didn’t you stay for me? Four kids, who all lost a parent to suicide, share their journey from the moment they heard the news. The filmmaker, who experienced the same tragedy, asks them the questions no one dared to ask her at the time. The film has been awarded with a Student Academy Award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and a Prix Jeunesse among other prizes. Milou is currently working on her first feature documentary.