November 1 (Tue)

10:30A.M. – 11:40A.M.

Opening Remarks
Showcasing “Environment”

The Final Jury members will introduce short clips of this year's finalist works that explores the topic of environment.

  • * Simultaneous Japanese/English interpretation available
  • * Captions in real-time is avaiable via UD Talk.

* Excerpts of the films introduced in this session have been further edited and shortened for our web page.

Screening Schedule

  • Hopper's Day
    • I003 Hopper's Day
    • United States
    • Water is a precious resource in the quarry, where a small cricket with a dream finds himself competing for access with an army of ants while trying to avoid a hungry crow and lizard. The water he seeks is not just for himself, but for his glorious garden oasis hidden in an old boot.
  • Let's Go For A Walk
    • I040 Let's Go For A Walk
    • United Kingdom
    • An accessible way for every child to enjoy being outdoors and appreciate the nature on their doorstep. The walks are always children-led, accompanied by Ranger Hamza, who helps them see the potential for adventure and exploration. There is always a purpose such as walking to the allotment to plant some seeds, but the walk itself is just as much fun.
  • If you don’t we will
    • E080 If you don’t we will
    • Germany
    • Twelve-years-old Nina from Indonesia detects how plastic waste finds its way into the land, the rivers, the oceans, and even the air she breathes. Her neighbourhood serves as a dumping ground for filthy plastic waste from Western countries. To raise awareness Nina collects garbage items from all around the world for an exhibition at her school.
  • Girls for Future
    • Y060 Girls for Future
    • Germany
    • A movie about 4 young frontline activists, aged between 11 and 14 years in 4 different countries: Senegal, India, Indonesia, and Australia. The four girls represent the voice of a new generation directly affected by climate crisis and environmental degradation. Their courage and power to fight back is contagious.
  • Going Circular
    • L056 Going Circular
    • Germany
    • Going Circular unlocks the secrets to an innovative concept called circularity, an economic system based on the idea that nothing should go to waste. It is far from the way most of us live our lives today in the twenty first century, but it can save our planet’s resources and save us from the ravages of future climate change.
  • Africa From Within
    • L080 Africa From Within
    • South Africa
    • The series showcases conservation stories of ordinary people in Africa. It highlights local solutions for environmental problems and features strengths already existing in the community and traditional knowledge systems. The series aims to foster an appreciation of and desire to protect Africa among the locals.
Hyunsook Chung

Hyunsook Chung

Senior Executive Producer, EBS (Korea Educational broadcasting System)

Republic of Korea

Dr Hyunsook Chung is a senior executive producer at EBS, Korea. Over a 30-year career at EBS, the ABU, and AIBD, she has specialised in children and youth programme development and international Asian co-productions.
As well as making numerous live shows, dramas, and documentaries, Hyunsook has served as EBS Head of International Relations, and as Director of the EBS International Documentary Festival. She has also been a jury member or judge at many international festivals including Japan Prize, Prix Jeunesse, Documenta Madrid, the ABU Prize, the AIBD Prize, and the BaKa Forum.
In 2004 Hyunsook initiated the first ABU children’s drama coproduction, and since then has executive-produced several award-winning coproductions – both drama and non-fiction - including “Baby on the Way”, “Future School”, “Family Asia” and most recently “Beasts of Asia”. She is currently working on a documentary coproduction about the place of food in Asian culture and families.

Atsumi Kaori

Atsumi Kaori

Director / Producer
NHK Educational


Director and producer in the Children’s Program Department at NHK Educational. Started her career in 2002 as a director in the Language Learning Department. Specializing in the production of programs for pre-school age children from 2005. Currently a member of the media franchising team, developing new projects and content for families and children up to the age of six years. Assists in sales of program format for “Peek-a-boo” in Myanmar (2019–2020), China, and Vietnam.

Shirley Oran

Shirley Oran

VP Kids and Family, Israel
Paramount International


In the kids TV world for over 25 years, out of which 13 years as the head of Nickelodeon Israel. Currently serves as VP Kids and Family of Paramount International, Israel. Shirley has developed, co-created, and served as executive in charge on numerous hit shows for kids, including Rising, teen drama and 11 Israeli Academy Awards winner, Spyders (aired globally on Nickelodeon in 170 countries), Craft Party (remade by CBBC and sold to Warner Italy), Greenhouse - Israeli award winning teen drama (remade by Netflix), and Rescue Team - winner of the Israeli Academy Award for Best Preschool show.

Ruth Zowdu

Ruth Zowdu

Senior Managing Director, Ontario Region
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)


Ruth Zowdu is the Senior Managing Director for Ontario with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and a 30-year veteran of the broadcasting industry. Ruth manages teams across eight news bureaus including stations in Ottawa, Canada’s capital and Toronto, one of the world’s most multicultural cities. The teams produce a range of content for television, radio, and digital media. Under her leadership, Ruth’s teams have won awards in investigative journalism, podcast production, and video storytelling. A passionate advocate for equity, Ruth was awarded a 2022 CBC Edi Award for her contributions to creating more inclusive newsrooms.