November 9 (Tue)
Online (Zoom webinar)

The Awards Ceremony is over. A video recording of the event is available for your viewing.

8:00P.M. – 9:30P.M.

Awards Ceremony

A don’t miss event!
To whom will the Grand-Prix and other awards go to? Be sure to attend and find out.

* Simultaneous Japanese/English interpretation available

Sugiyama Harry
Sugiyama Harry

Media personality

Nakayama Kana

NHK Announcer

Nakayama presents the 12 o’clock news at noon on Saturdays, reports for Be a World News Master (News Chikyu Maru-wakari), a program which goes into news stories in greater depth, and narrates for the nature program, Darwin's Amazing Animals (Darwin ga Kita). She also presents programs on international news topics. Her wide-ranging experience includes the production of a prize-winning (in Japan and abroad) radio program on the atomic bombing during her time at NHK’s Hiroshima branch station.