November 7 (Sun)

This event is over.

4:00P.M. – 5:30P.M.

2021 Showcase: How is Media Communicating Diversity to Children?

The 2021 Showcase is a theme-based introduction to some of the finalists’ works. Excerpts of the programs will be shown together with the filmmakers’ interviews.
This third showcase will examine issues related to diversity. What can individuals and governments do to realize a more inclusive society where people’s differences are respected? The programs shed light on issues relating to the difference between us, whether of skin color, nationality, gender, sexuality, disability, religion, culture, or more, providing glimpses into the problems confronting society today, and those that await us in the future.

Screening Schedule

  • The Power of We: A Sesame Street Special
    • I002 The Power of We: A Sesame Street Special
    • United States
    • A program that teaches us the importance of standing up when people are treated unfairly.
  • Hero Elementary Ep. 137 “AJ’s Extra Superpower”
    • I043 Hero Elementary
      Ep. 137 “AJ’s Extra Superpower”
    • United States
    • AJ is a boy on the autism spectrum. His unique abilities help solve people's problems.
  • Bullet-laced Dreams
    • Y002 Bullet-laced Dreams
    • Philippines
    • A film which follows indigenous Lumad children as they fight for their right to receive an education.
  • Passage to Europe
    • L020 Passage to Europe
    • Greece
    • We meet a passionate teacher at an Athens elementary school now helping the children of refugees and other migrants.
  • SHAKSHUKA – Effie’s Game
    • E014 SHAKSHUKA – Effie’s Game
    • Israel
    • Effie lives with two dads and feels uncomfortable about gender stereotyping. This episode encourages children to think about their own identity and what it means to respect each other.
    • Y053 BYkids: FAITH’S WORLD
    • United States
    • “Please focus on the similarities, not the differences!” A program directed by 16-year-old Faith, who has cerebral palsy.
  • Scars
    • L005 Scars
    • France
    • The stories of people who are socially isolated because of their facial scars, revealing our common humanity.