November 6 (Sat)

This event is over.

4:00P.M. – 5:30P.M.

2021 Showcase: Now or Never! Let's Act for the Future of the Earth!

The 2021 Showcase is a theme-based introduction to some of the finalists’ works. Excerpts of the programs will be shown together with the filmmakers’ interviews.
This second showcase will look at the environmental dangers now facing the planet. The themes range from global climate change and environmental destruction to the devastating floods and forest fires now happening around the world. Do we need to change our ways? These programs alert us to the things that each of us needs to consider and do individually right now. Together, they provide glimpses into the problems confronting society today, and those that await us in the future.

Screening schedule

  • Fast Fashion
    • Y004 Fast Fashion
    • France
    • This film exposes the environmental destruction caused by fast fashion, poor working conditions, and the marketing methods that foment our desire to buy.
  • Magnitude of All Things
    • L023 Magnitude of All Things
    • Canada
    • This film depicts the individual grief of losing a sister and the global grief caused by climate change, all layered with scenes of astounding visual beauty.
  • Shimajiro: A World of WOW! Our Oceans
    • I038 Shimajiro: A World of WOW! Our Oceans
    • Japan
    • A program that teaches kids how life is connected to the sea and considers what everyone can do to preserve the marine environment.
  • I am Greta
    • Y009 I am Greta
    • Germany
    • A documentary about the global impact of a teenage girl's single-handed call to action.
  • Jigsaw: The Garbage girl
    • E044 Jigsaw
      The Garbage girl
    • Thailand
    • A story of a Cambodian girl who helps her mother collect and sell garbage.
  • Beestenbrigade
    • I025 Beestenbrigade
    • Netherlands
    • Ranger Tim and his brigade lend wild birds a hand! A program for children that teaches them to cherish nature.