November 6 (Sat)
On-site (WITH HARAJUKU HALL) / Online (Zoom webinar)

This event is over. A video recording of the event is available for your viewing.

10:30A.M. – 12:00P.M.

Premiere of Japan Prize Proposal Division Winners (Kyrgyz)

In order to contribute to the development of educational broadcasting around the world, the Japan Prize awards program proposals to support the realization of ideas for educational television programs in countries/regions with limited budgets and/or technical facilities. At this screening, last year’s winner will premiere its newly completed program.

* Simultaneous Japanese/English interpretation available

Screening Schedule

My Dream Profession
My Dream Profession
  • Kyrgyz
  • Excellent Proposal/The Nation Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan Prize

This animation series aims to empower young girls so they can grow up to achieve their professional goals. Each three-minute episode begins with the young protagonist talking about her dream job, followed by a sequence in which the animated version of herself successfully achieves that goal. The series emphasizes the importance of learning and working towards one’s dream.

Imai Yoko

Imai Yoko

Senior Producer, Program Production Center 3 (International Programs Department), NHK Enterprises, INC.

Yoko joined NHK in 1992. After producing a wide range of factual/news programs and documentaries in the Production Department, Okinawa Station, Metropolitan Broadcasting Center, and the Satellite Broadcasting Center, Yoko was in charge of international acquisitions of documentaries for NHK. She oversaw the “BS World Documentary” strand as senior producer and has been involved in numerous international co-productions. Since 2018, she is producing a vast number of programs in various genres at NHK Enterprises with filmmakers both inside and outside Japan.