November 5 (Fri)
On-site (WITH HARAJUKU HALL) / Online (Zoom webinar)

This event is over. A video recording of the event is available for your viewing.

10:30A.M. – 11:30A.M.

* Please note the schedule has changed.

Keynote Session:
Skateboard Olympian Sky Brown tells the secret of her extraordinary success

13-year old Sky Brown is a Miyazaki-born skateboarding sensation who became Britain’s youngest ever Olympic medalist.
At the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Sky and her rivals encouraged one another to reach for the top. The image of 3 teenagers on the podium symbolized the arrival of a new generation of Olympic athletes.
Top competitor and teen icon with over 1.4 million social media followers, Sky is much admired for sending out positive messages to young people on YouTube and Instagram.
In a pre-recorded video chat, Sky shares the secrets of what drives her to extraordinary success.

Evie MacDonald, the star of the International Emmy Award winning drama, First Day, will also join the session together with producer Kirsty Stark.

* Simultaneous Japanese/English interpretation available

Sky Brown
Keynote Speaker

Sky Brown

Pro Skateboarder (Age: 13)

Born in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan, in 2008, to a Japanese mother and British father. She started skateboarding from the age of three, learning not from a professional coach but from video websites, and turned professional at the age of ten. Representing Great Britain, she earned a bronze medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, a feat which made her Britain’s youngest ever Olympic medalist. She currently also holds third place in the global rankings. Sky is popular, too, for the powerful messages she sends out on social media, where she has over 1.4 million followers. Spending her time between homes in Miyazaki and California, she competes the world over.

Kamakura Chiaki

Kamakura Chiaki

NHK Announcer

Kamakura serves as an anchor for the news programs, Traveling to Areas of the World in Turmoil (Gekido no Sekai wo Yuku) and Chinese Language News, and reports for News This Week. Interested in global developments spanning a wide range of themes, she has covered people with diverse roots both in Japan and abroad. She reported on the ground from an LGBT parade in Taiwan.