November 5 (Fri)

This event is over.

2:00P.M. – 3:00P.M.

2021 Showcase: The Lights and Shadows of COVID-19: Life Goes On

The 2021 Showcase is a theme-based introduction to some of the finalists’ works. Excerpts of the program will be shown together with the filmmaker’s interviews.
This first showcase will look at the effects of COVID-19. The themes range from how coronavirus-related stress produces domestic violence to insights obtained from popular Youtubers’ vlogs, how net predators steal up on children, and an amazing remote, net-based artwork. Together, they reveal both light and dark sides of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing glimpses into the problems confronting society today, and those that await us in the future.

Screening Schedule

  • 家での過ごし方
    • Y022 How to be at home
    • Canada
    • An animation of "poetry" that gives tips on how to live through the Covid-19 "stay-home" period.
  • @Kalinka08 Please Get in Touch
    • E029 @Kalinka08 - Please Get in Touch
    • Germany
    • Stress maxed out by Covid-19 situation, parents’ violence escalates! How can children help each other?
    • L021 VIRAL
    • Germany
    • Seven young protagonists trying to survive in a rapidly changing world. The film is based solely on videos posted on SNS last year.
  • Grooming
    • Y007 Grooming
    • Argentina
    • Weaving in lots of dancing, this program warns about the sex crimes creeping to teenagers who are spending more and more time online due to Covid-19.
  • Awesome Homework: Shinsuke Yoshitake
    • E030 Awesome Homework
      Shinsuke Yoshitake
    • Japan
    • The series started airing in May 2020 when schools were closed. Celebrities will give homework assignments to children to arouse their curiosity.
  • Swan Lake Bath Ballet
    • L024 Swan Lake Bath Ballet
    • United Kingdom
    • The stage is a bathtub!? A work of art created remotely during lockdown