Japan Prize Conference Vol.4
Diversity around Children

This event has finished. The video recording of the event is available to see.

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With thinking about diversity and inclusion broadening in a range of fields, how are the media communicating diversity to children? Producers creating content aimed at children of various ages—preschoolers, elementary schoolers, teenagers—will speak. Under the theme “We want to give children courage and convey to them how wonderful diversity is”, the conference will explore hints for producing content that fosters mutual understanding among children.

*English-Japanese simultaneous translation available.

Friday 18 June 2021,
7:00pm – 8:30pm, Japan time
Zoom Webinar online live streaming
*Participation is free, but advance registration on the website is required.

Launa Kennett

Freelance Director

United Kingdom

Launa Kennett was a shy kid, she didn’t talk much but loved watching people. She utilized this skill from behind a camera, and has spent the past 25 years making award winning observational documentaries for the UK and international audiences. Launa believes that telling people’s stories is the ultimate privilege and is passionate about giving a voice to the often unheard, or overlooked. Her films frequently involve complex access and are made over many years. They sensitively explore a diverse range of issues including adoption, birth, faith, visual difference, sexuality and conservation from the perspectives of all those involved.
Director/Producer of MY LIFE: BORN TO VLOG. Grand Prix Winner of the Japan Prize 2018 and International Children’s Emmy, Best Factual.

Yanagawa Akari

Producer, Toei Animation Co., Ltd.


Yanagawa joined Toei Animation Co., Ltd. in 2013. As a member of the Licensing Business Department, Yanagawa handled animation character copyright management and copyright-related businesses. In 2016, she joined Toei’s Planning Department where she is currently responsible for the production of TV animations for children. The titles she has produced include BUTT DETECTIVE, STAR ☆ TWINKLE PRECURE, and THE SUPERNATURAL SWEET SHOP. She is currently developing new projects in Toei’s International Co-Production Division.

Nozaki Eriko

Program Director, Program Production Department, NHK


Nozaki joined NHK in 2005. After working at NHK’s Osaka Station, Tokyo’s Radio Programs Center, and News Department, she joined Unit 1 (Youth & Education) of the Program Production Department. Through her involvement in the programs STOP BULLING, DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDERS CAMPAIGN TWO-MINUTE ANIME SERIES: WHAT IS ‘NORMAL’?. and PAPRIKA FOORIN ORCHESTRA, she became interested in the “normal” that is ostracized from the “normal” comprising the majority. Nozaki currently oversees production of U & I, an educational program which aims to create class rooms where students are aware of their differences and help each other.


Kamakura Chiaki

NHK Announcer


Kamakura serves as an anchor for the news programs GEKIDO NO SEKAI O YUKU (Traveling to Areas of the World in Turmoil) and CHINESE LANGUAGE NEWS. She is also a reporter for NEWS THIS WEEK. With her deep interest in world trends relating to diversity, she has reported on topics ranging from the situation of people with foreign roots living in Japan to LGBT parades in Taiwan.