Japan Prize Conference Vol.3
Bringing Diversity Close to Home
– the behind the scenes concerns and considerations of some hit TV shows –

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What does diversity really look like? How can we be truly inclusive? These questions are increasingly front and center of every field of our lives, from our classrooms, to our work environments, to where we find entertainment. The debate rages and is way advanced in some places like the United States and Europe, while in others, including Japan, it seems to have only just begun.

Sometimes old customs have to be reassessed. And sometimes allowances must be made to accommodate local values. What kinds of insight and ingenuity are required for diversity and inclusion to take root? What role should the media and other creative sectors seek to play in this?

This Japan Prize conference will feature producers from Japan and Australia who have brought diversity and inclusion into program making and went on to produce hits. They will talk about what they set out to achieve and the trial and error of the production process, introducing their own often remarkable approaches to the challenge of bringing diversity close to home.

* English-Japanese simultaneous translation available.

Wednesday 28 April 2021, 7:00pm-9:00pm, Japan Time
Zoom Webinar
* Entry is free but advance registration on the website is required.

Catherine Nebauer

Executive Producer, Northern Pictures


Catherine has had over 25 years’ experience in the media space in a wide range of roles including channel management, distribution and as an Executive Producer. Since joining the Northern Pictures team in September 2014, she has had a slate of over 600 episodes commissioned in both Australia and Internationally including preschool series TEDDIES and HICCUP AND SNEEZE. In 2018, Catherine led the team for the scripted comedy drama series HARDBALL, commissioned by the ABC. She was previously General Manager, SVP, for Nickelodeon Asia where she oversaw distribution, production, programming and marketing.

Shirakawa Daisuke

Producer, NIPPON TV


Daisuke joined NIPPON TV in 2004 after studying Gender and Sexuality under the sociologist, Ueno Chizuko, in university. He worked in variety, information, documentary and other program fields before moving to the news department in 2017. Having come out as gay while working as a social affairs reporter, Daisuke has covered LGBT subjects and also advised LGBT drama production. He is chiefly involved with cultural topics for the news show, NEWS ZERO, from 2018. He is also responsible for launching and producing UPDATE THE WORLD, a program that tackles diversity-related themes.

Sobue Rina

Producer, TV TOKYO


Rina joined TV TOKYO in 2008. As a director of CP production team, Rina was involved in the production of the variety shows WHY DID YOU COME TO JAPAN? and MOYA MOYA SUMMERS 2. In 2018, she moved to the drama production department. Since then, she has produced numerous drama series including I WILL DO IT IN THE NEXT LIFE, SO I WILL MAKE IT, NEVER COSTARRING AGAIN, THE DIARY OF THE 38-YEAR-OLD DIVORCEE HAS TRIED A DATING APP, and DETECTIVE VOICE ACTOR. This summer, Rina will be producing Season 2 of I WILL DO IT IN THE NEXT LIFE.

Ando Yoko

Program Director, NHK Fukuoka Station


Yoko joined NHK in 2008. After starting out at NHK Miyazaki Station, she was assigned to the Tokyo-based morning magazine program ASAICHI where she produced special features on family issues and sexual violence. Through engagement with the audience, Yoko became keenly aware of how gender bias lies at the root of many social issues. She was transferred to NHK Fukuoka Station in 2020. She recently co-produced SAYONARA GENDER BIAS CAMPAIGN with her colleague Hirose Atsuko. Yoko hails from Oita City, Kyushu, and is the mother of two children aged 5 and 2.

Hirose Atsuko

Program Director, NHK Fukuoka Station


Atsuko started out her career in 2009 at the NHK Takamatsu Station before moving across to the ASAICHI production team in Tokyo. She produced many features based on audience engagement on such themes as family problems and women’s issues. Based at the NHK Fukuoka Station since 2019, she co-produced SAYONARA GENDER BIAS CAMPAIGN with Ando Yoko, whom she has been working with for a decade. Atsuko comes from Fukuoka City, Kyushu, and is the mother of two children aged 6 and 3.


Yasuda Shin

Senior Producer, Program Production Department NHK


Shin joined NHK in 1997, working first at NHK Hiroshima Station and then the Program Production Department in Tokyo. In addition to producing art, educational, factual entertainment, and documentary programs, he has also been involved in numerous international co-production projects. Shin served as a juror for the Japan Prize’s Lifelong Learning Category in 2017. Since 2018, he is responsible for overseeing NHK’s short-documentary strand NO-NARÉ. The documentary JAKE AND CHARICE about a Filipino transgender singer, Jake, was nominated for an International Emmy in 2020.