JAPAN PRIZE 2018 Runners-up
Audiovisual Division The Best Work in Each Category
Pre-school Category
1st place
Title Emoticons
Entering Organization Guoqui Toqui
Senal Colombia - RTVC
Country/Region Colombia
Lina's body feels tired when she is sad. Josemaria's body gets cold when he's afraid of getting lost. Camila's legs start running when she is happy. And what about you? How does your body experience emotions? "Emoticons" is a series of micro documentaries. Each episode encourages children ages 3 to 6 to explore the world of feelings to obtain the superpower of recognizing emotions.
2nd place
Title Our Family - Series 4
Entering Organization Sixth Sense Media Ltd
Country/Region United Kingdom
“Our Family” is an observational documentary series following the lives of diverse children and their families. This episode features four-year-old Alexa. She helps Dad and little brother Archie make a family photograph complete with baby pictures and treasured photos of deceased Mum. After working up an appetite, Alexa makes some gingerbread men kneading the sticky dough and decorating with icing and sprinkles. Will Dad and Archie think they're yummy?
Primary Category
1st place
Title Sister
Entering Organization Vietnam Television (VTV)
Educational Broadcasting System
Country/Region Vietnam, Republic of Korea
As the eldest sibling, 8-year-old Pia must take care of her unruly brothers, but has been longing for a baby sister who can be her playmate. However a third brother has arrived to great rejoicing in the family. The film reveals the inner life of a girl in a remote mountain community, where traditional values can place extra pressures upon girls.
2nd place
Title ZombieLars
Entering Organization Tordenfilm AS
Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
Country/Region Norway
Lars is twelve years old and a half zombie. In his new hometown, Lars' kind are rare and frowned upon. But, he soon discovers others who are different too: a ninja, a witch, a troll and a changeling, to mention but a few. Together, they explore their true nature in a conformist and deeply prejudiced society. Will Lars' half dead heart start beating for someone special?
Youth Category
1st place
Title Extraordinary Teens
Entering Organization Glasshead
Country/Region United Kingdom
Over seven years, this documentary followed 11-year-old Billy who comes out as gay. Billy knows his own mind but struggles to come to terms with his parents arguing and finally divorcing over his sexuality. The hundreds of twitter comments showed that the audience had strong ideas on how the parents dealt with Billy and that Billy was brave in dealing with his parents and friends at school.
2nd place
Title Overshadowed
Entering Organization Rollem Productions
British Broadcasting Corporation
Country/Region United Kingdom
A young vlogger Imo spirals out of control when she meets the monster of anorexia personified. With the arrival of her new camera, Imo's challenging herself to documenting her whole life for her vlog. But as her vlog unfolds she becomes obsessed with exercise. The reason? Anna, her new best friend. Invisible to everyone except Imo, Anna is determined to reduce her to a shadow of her former self.
Lifelong Learning Category
1st place
Title The Cleaners
Entering Organization gebrueder beetz filmproduktion
Grifa Filmes
Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR)
Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR)
Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb)
I Wonder Pictures
Country/Region Germany, Brazil, Netherlands, Italy
Enter a hidden third world shadow industry of digital cleaning. Here me meet five "digital scavengers" among thousands of people outsourced from Silicon Valley whose job it is to delete "inappropriate" Content of the net. Evolving from a shared social vision of a global village to a web of fake news and radicalization, the film charts the rise and fall of social media's utopian ideology.
2nd place
Title Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds
Entering Organization CPL Productions
Red Arrow Studios (Distribution)
Country/Region United Kingdom
Based on an American scheme to combat loneliness and social isolation in the elderly, for the first time in the UK a nursery was placed inside a retirement community, with ten 4-year-olds joining 11 older residents. Heart-warming and thought-provoking the educational experiment garnered a huge public response, with many wanting to set up their own scheme in care homes up and down the country.
Creative Frontier Category
1st place
Title Old Man’s Journey
Entering Organization Broken Rules
Salon Alpin
Country/Region Austria
A soul-searching puzzle adventure, tells a story of life, loss, and hope. A visual narrative about life's precious moments, broken dreams, and changed plans, uncover stories of the old man's life told through beautiful vignettes of his memories. Entrenched in a beautifully handcrafted world, explore the complexities of heartache, regret, and hope through the old man's eyes.