JAPAN PRIZE 2016 Prize Winners
Audiovisual Division The Best Work in Each Category
Pre-school Category
1st place
Entering Organization Studio AKA
Country/Region United Kingdom
It’s a lovely day and the squirrels are playing outside. They’re playing the Shape game. Working out which shape goes where is quite tricky. It's all about fun, exercise, fun, learning, & fun!
2nd place
Title OTOPPE! Soundlings
Entering Organization Japan Broadcasting Corporation
Country/Region Japan
This animation program follows the adventures of Sheena, a young girl who dreams of becoming a world-class DJ. She stumbles into Sound Town where funny creatures born from sounds live. These OTOPPÉ Soundling creatures originate from natural elements such as wind, fire, and wood. Sheena wanders through town collecting cool sounds and making new OTOPPÉ Soundling friends. Join her as she explores the wonderful world of sounds!
Primary Category
1st place
Title Ayham - My new life
Entering Organization Swiss Radio and Television
Country/Region Switzerland
10-year old Ayham and his family had to flee Syria because of the war and came to Switzerland. He can't speak German, he has no friends and misses his relatives and friends in Syria very much. But Ayham has a big dream: he wants to become a professional soccer player. On his first day of school he meets his new friend Mika who takes him to the local soccerclub.
2nd place
Title Way to school
Entering Organization Vietnam Television
Country/Region Viet Nam
“Way to school” is a story about a group of children living in mountainous areas of North Vietnam, who have to walk a nearly 30km long and difficult road cutting through a dense forest to school. The documentary provides viewers with not only the images of dangerous and winding roads, but also an optimistic attitude of the students, toward education and especially their thirsty for knowledge.
Youth Category
1st place
Title Any problem with startups?
Entering Organization Hakka Television Station
Country/Region Taiwan
This is a program showing how the college graduates start up their own business. "Good Time Girls' Fitness Playground" is a fitness center for girls only. The founders are two girls who love sports. They think that exercising happily is important. So they start up their own business to realize their ideals. However, when they turn their hobbies into business, they’re getting away gradually from their previous happy and carefree life.
2nd place
Title Transitioning: Transgender Children
Entering Organization Televisio de Catalunya
Country/Region Spain
6-year-old David was once known as Sara. But for as long as he could remember, he knew he was really a boy. Estel was 8 when she chose to transition. Raquel, Mario and Marta were all in their teens. Their moving statements shed light on how these boys and girls felt, and the difficult process that parents often go through in accepting that change.
Lifelong Learning Category
1st place
Title The Colour White
Entering Organization De Familie Film & TV
Country/Region Netherlands
Over the past two years- ever since I’ve been publicly active in the battle against racism in the Netherlands- I’ve been running into a lot of angry white people. With the movie “The Color White”, I’m aiming to investigate the origin of the anger and outrage in white people when it comes to racism. I feel that living peacefully in a multi-cultural society is one of the most important challenges of our time.
2nd place
Title Reel Time: Costly War
Entering Organization GMA Network
Country/Region Philippines
More than 7,000 people have been killed in the anti-narcotics drive since Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte took power in 2016. Several deaths resulted from what many are believed to be vigilante murders, which Duterte has refused to condemn. In this documentary, Reel Time gathers accounts from the victims’ relatives and reporters who cover the police beat. What it reveals is a grim picture of the Philippines' war against drugs – bloody and savage.
Creative Frontier Category
1st place
Title Cardboard Crash
Entering Organization National Film Board of Canada
Country/Region Canada
In a world of AI and self-driving cars, who determines the ethics algorithm to handle emergency situations? In this VR vignette, the user is slowed down to bullet-time, becoming the computer, and forced to confront a hard decision where there is plenty of data, but no easy answer. It gives the students the opportunity to develop a stronger skillset associated with information and communication technologies.