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The Girls are not Brides
Entering Organization Dhrupad Communication - Media for Education and Development
Country/Region Bangladesh
(Sevilay Bozdemir)
Girls are not Brides highlights the problem of child marriage in Bangladesh.The 20 min. documentary presents both the positive stories of young girls who are able to wait to get married but also tells the stories of those who are not so fortunate.In this proposal, a 19 year old young producer and director motivated us to face the poverty, lack of education and social security and awareness as the major reasons of child marriage in the country.We were all impressed by the dedication of producer and her enthusiasm to be able to put a step on this tough issue by a documentary. In addition to her researches, Unicef has reported that “Early marriage is pervasive in Bangladesh, with 64 % of girls are married before they reach age of 18”. Many health problems have been carried out, such as early pregnancy and handicapped children and severely injured young mothers. We believed that this documentary may inspire the people of all classes and ages. It may also bring social awareness via many media platforms parallel to a documantary on TV. Producer's plans during the shooting process and after airing the documentary is so promising.
(Novera Nikkon)
I am so much delighted that I have got the prestigious “Huso Bunka Foundation Award” this year for my proposed production “The Girls are not Brides.” According to UNICEF, over 700 million people living today get married before their eighteenth birthday and 15 million children marry annually, so it is not a localized issue of Bangladesh. Child marriage is a massive violate of child right, more over the denial of education to develop a full sense of human being.
In my film, I will give more emphasis mainly on the success stories of those girls, those who have crossed the limits and boundaries of early marriage and become success in their social life. They have every ability to prove their worth if they get the equal facilities. There is no basic difference between boys and girls. The girls should never be the burden for any family.

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