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Finalists in the Audiovisual Division
The JAPAN PRIZE 2015 received 339 entries for Audiovisual Division and TV Proposal Division from
countries/regions in the world. The winners were announced on October 22.
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Audiovisual Division Finalists
Pre-school Category
Title The Crow Club - Whale Media TV
Entering Organization Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation Country/Region Norway
The Crow Club is a program about nature for Young children, where presenter Christer explores nature with the Crow. In this episode they are trying to figure out what the world's largest animals is. In their quest, they get close encounter with one of the world's biggest animals - humpback whales (and orcas) in their natural surroundings. Both whales, the environment and the photos are spectacular.
Title Peg + Cat - Romeo & Juliet Media TV
Enbering Organization 9 Story Media Group Country/Region Canada
Follow the adorable, spirited Peg and her sidekick Cat as they encounter unexpected problems that require fun and creative solutions. In order to solve problems, Peg and her cat must add, subtract and apply basic arithmetic. Math is everywhere and Peg + Cat teaches children that math is a valuable tool for solving everyday problems.
Title Footy Pups - Defending Media TV
Entering Organization Dot To Dot Productions Country/Region United Kingdom
FOOTY PUPS is teaching children aged 3-6 basic sports skills. It was inspired by a desire to get children active and interested in sport from and early age. The series is hosted by one of England’s most capped footballers, Rachel Yankey OBE. In each episode Rachel teaches a different skill to children and a 5-aside team of animated canines called the FOOTY PUPS.
Title The Magical Creek - Bottle and Grasshopper Media TV
Entering Organization TV BRASIL Country/Region Brazil
“Igarapé Mágico” (The Magical Creek) is fictional series that combines technologies to present the Amazonian rainforest. The story takes place in a creek and its main characters are the offspring of animals that live in the region. In this episode, little green plastic bottles appear in the creek. The baby animals attempt to find out whether these foreign objects are animals or things.
Title Anna and the wild songs - The bee-battle Media Video
Entering Organization Text und Bild Medienproduktion GmbH & Co.KG Country/Region Germany
Anna loves nature and animals and she likes to travel. Now she is working on a volume containing photographs of wildlife and music. It is essential that she is on site, right next to where these animals live to get the best information. Anna communicates thrilling information about interesting animals. She presents Child-oriented Music-Clips and fascinates with funny and catchy lyrics.
Title Design Ah! - Episode #85 Media TV
Entering Organization Japan Broadcasting Corporation Country/Region Japan
To design means to observe an object carefully, spot its essence, and add creative ideas to it to give that item further usability and beauty. By reexamining the objects and spaces that surround us, this program aims to provide children with the chance to discover the fun in designing, and the opportunity for them to learn the various ways of thinking involved in the art.
Title House Of Little Scientists - Fun with Bubbles Media TV
Entering Organization H.R.H. Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Foundation Country/Region Thailand
The House Of Little Scientists program consists of 2 sections of children having science experiences about the content in each episode, and 3 sections of 3D animation story of 4 characters which is funny, relaxant and can create a creative imagination regarding the science in the children audience. In this episode, it’s all about Bubbles. The children discover what in their house can create the bubbles.
Title Ege and Gaga - Salyangoz (SNAIL) Media TV
Entering Organization Turkish Radio and Television Country/Region Turkey
Gaga calls Ege to the garden to look at a strange trail. They wonder what might left it and start to follow the trail. Along the way, they try to guess this mysterious creature based on the clues they found. In the end they found out that it was a cute little snail.
Title ABC Bear Media TV
Entering Organization Tower10 KidsTV GmbH Country/Region Austria
ABC Bear is a children’s TV series that revolves around a lovable bear called ABC-Bear and his friends; Mona Muh the cow, Box the beaver, Pim the penguin girl, Iggy the hedgehog and a trio of amusing splash-frogs. Together, they live in a treehouse mounted on the back of a lorry, which also has a stage where they perform singing, dancing, acting and hosting number- and letter games.
Primary Category
Title Just Kids - How Ky turned into Niels Media TV
Entering Organization IKON Country/Region Netherlands
Ky is really happy by messing with fireworks, run and football practice, but she has been unhappy for years because she has a girl’s body. Last summer Ky finally told her parents she wants to become a boy and have a different name: Niels. Together with her friend Sterre, they tell their new secondary school class that they are transgender children. It is the beginning of a new life as Niels.
Entering Organization Dot To Dot Productions Country/Region United Kingdom
Art is everywhere. Swapping martial arts for paints, pens and PCs you can follow our very own art ninja Ricky Martin as he creates mini masterpieces, ensuring he has big laughs along the way! The show combines brilliant art with compelling sitcom as we follow Ricky in a hyper kinetic version of his own life.
Title Teacher X - Hello! Mr. Mayor Media TV
Entering Organization Public Television Service Foundation Country/Region Taiwan
What is the purpose of a civics class? Can it turn us into better citizens? Taipei's elementary school kids aren't too pleased with city's new milk campaign. They would even take their queries directly to the mayor of Taipei to personally submit their recommendations. Will these straight-A students have what it takes to effect real change through their courageous little civics project?
Title The Apple Core - Explore it! Shop secrets Media TV
Entering Organization NTR Country/Region Netherlands
‘The Apple core’ (Het Klokhuis) is an educational children’s programme on NTR Television (The Netherlands). The programme is aired five times a week (Monday to Friday). ‘The Apple Core’ aims to teach kids between eight and thirteen years old as much as possible about the society they are growing up in. Each episode covers one Subject, which vary from highly scientific to highly cultural.
Title Losers - a film about loss Media Film
Entering Organization Hazazah Pictures Country/Region Netherlands
Mathilde, Elian and Isabel have all lost something different - but did it feel the same? Can looking at one kind of loss teach us about other kinds? The film 'Losers' follows the children through different situations and experiences as they talk about what it feels like to lose.
Title myStory - Yael fights for her forest Media TV
Entering Organization Swiss Radio and Television Country/Region Switzerland
Yael is 10 years old and she is a fighter. She is politically active and fights for a forest in her neighborhood. For Yael the little forest is sacred. She and her friends spend a lot of time there. It is only a few steps away from her home. The children of her neighborhood use to meet there to play hide and seek.
Title A Mouse-tronaut in outer Space. Alexander Gerst and the Mouse on Board of the ISS Media TV
Entering Organization Westdeutscher Rundfunk Country/Region Germany
In this one hour special of the “Show with the Mouse” Ralph Caspers presents the Mouse’s trip to space. With astronaut Alexander Gerst she traveled to the Space Station ISS. Half a year they orbited the earth each day and night. But the adventure already began a long time before…“Show with the Mouse” offers information on all aspects of space flight, astronauts, their experiences in outer space and the space itself.
Title My Life, My Religion - Islam Media TV
Entering Organization British Broadcasting Corporation Country/Region United Kingdom
What does it mean to be a Muslim? 11-year old budding fashion designer Sara explains all about her religion, Islam. As she gets older, she wants to devote herself more to Islam by wearing the Muslim headscarf when she's out, fasting during Ramadan, something all Muslims. 12-year-old Kaisan loves going to the mosque with his dad. He demonstrates how Muslims pray and shares how he feels when he talks to God.
Title Annedroids - New Pal's Media TV
Entering Organization Sinking Ship Entertainment Country/Region Canada
Nick and his Mom move into their new house, across the street from a mysterious junkyard. Nick soon discovers that a 12-year old genius named Anne lives in the junkyard with her dad – and she builds amazing androids! Along with neighbor Shania, Nick helps Anne - and androids Hand and Eyes - as they try to power-up Anne's newest creation, Pal.
Title Catch Me Media Film
Entering Organization Natural Wake Up Country/Region Taiwan
One evening after class, there was a boy sitting alone in the classroom, immersing himself in drawing. Suddenly, a red cat appeared... After the boy and the cat met each other, a short chase began. When the boy stopped, staring at this unexpected incident, the red cat seemed to tell him something... In the real world, someone different is always edged out by people.
Youth Category
Title The Dictator Media TV
Entering Organization Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company Country/Region Sweden
How would you react if your rights and liberties were taken away from you? If you were forced to move to a society that has a curfew, where work is monotonous and where life appears meaningless? How would you behave if you were also forced to co-exist with people completely unlike yourself? For eight young people, this becomes real life for eight days.
Title Real or fake? How to verify what you see on the Internet Media Video
Entering Organization FRANCE MEDIAS MONDE - FRANCE 24 Country/Region France
“Real or Fake” is an educational video made by two journalists, Ségolène Malterre, a journalist for the website “The France 24 Observers” and Wassim Nasr, a TV journalist. For years now, both have worked on checking information posted on social networks for the Paris-based international news channel France 24. Through five cases, Ségolène and Wassim show how to debunk pictures and videos posted on the Internet.
Title Sweatshop: Deadly Fashion Media TV
Entering Organization JAVA FILMS Country/Region France
Charting the experiences of three young fashion bloggers, who spent a month living the life of Cambodian garment workers in Phnom Penh. Frida, Anniken and Ludwig spend hundreds of euros every month on clothes and promote the latest catwalk trends. Except for speculating that factory workers must be ‘used to’ their hard lives and have never given much thought to the people who make their clothes.
Title Poetry: Between the Lines - The Romantics Media TV
Entering Organization British Broadcasting Corporation Country/Region United Kingdom
Presented by hip-hop star Akala, the program ‘Poetry: Between the Lines – the Romantics’ explores the poetry of the Romantic period through the work of Wordsworth, Byron, Blake, Shelley and Keats. Through a mix of animation, conversation and vignette, the film expresses classic Romantic themes, ranging from the power of nature to the effects of industrialization.
Title Pekka Media Film
Entering Organization Submarine Country/Region Netherlands
On November 7, 2007, 18-year-old Pekka shot and killed eight people at a high school in Jokela, a peaceful Finnish commuter town just north of Helsinki. Conversations with classmates, teachers and Pekka’s parents lead into to a haunting reconstruction of the oppressive circumstances that led to this tragic act. We come to see that these circumstances are not necessarily unique to Pekka’s life in Jokela.
Title My life with myself - Living with F.O.P. Media TV
Entering Organization Channel Encuentro Country/Region Argentina
How do young people undergo their everyday life when living with a chronic disease? We join the daily activities of adolescents going through this experience, we get to know their family, friends and passions. With an eye on their lives and experience, this series intends to have a more complex approach to the notion of healthy life and question all prejudices related to the difficulties of living with a chronic disease.
Title Last Goal of Summer Media Film
Entering Organization Magic Island Media Limited Country/Region China
In central China’s Henan Province, eleven year old Tian Tian is one of ten girls selected by Bei Jie primary school to train for professional soccer academy trials. Joining in the biggest soccer academy in the country, Guangazhou Evergrande, Tian Tian studies, trains and lives with her teammates who are all like her, desperate to escape poverty and create a better life for themselves and their families.
Title Children of the Holocaust Media TV
Entering Organization Fettle Animation Country/Region United Kingdom
Six remarkable stories of survival from eyewitnesses of atrocities during World War II, brought to life for a young audience through animation and a series of follow on interviews to camera. Includes a hidden child, a concentration camp survivor and escapees on the Kinder transport to Britain. A learning aid for children to learn about the Holocaust in secondary school.
Title The Girls of the War - Berenice Media TV
Entering Organization HIERROanimación S.A.S. Country/Region Colombia
The Girls of the War inquire in the world of the memories, nightmares and dreams of a group of girls who were part of irregular armed groups in the Colombian conflict. Actually they are in a protection program called "Hogar Tutor". We look for, through the audiovisual design, and publish the voices of the minors now detached from the conflict.
Title :Present - Nacho Media TV
Entering Organization Mulata Films Country/Region Argentina
:Present is a fiction series which addresses sociocultural problems teenagers face. In this season, the teenagers are starting their last school year, and they are meeting again to put an end to one of the most significant periods of their lives. Thirteen schoolmates go through a unique and unrepeatable present, the time of defining who they are and what they want to be.
Lifelong Learning Category
Title Little Stars - Accomplishing The Extraordinary in the Face of Serious Illness Media TV
Entering Organization Moonshine Agency Pty Ltd. Country/Region Australia
Little Stars tells the surprisingly life-affirming stories of young people living with life-limiting illnesses. Against the odds these youngsters are making the most of every moment thanks to the support of their loved ones, working in harmony with passionate 'palliative care' teams. However, many children with life-limiting conditions will live for years, if not decades. Currently, 20 million children can benefit from palliative care, but access remains an issue.
Title Nowhere To Call Home: A Tibetan in Beijing Media Film
Entering Organization Stories That Matter Ltd. Country/Region United States
A Tibetan widow confronts her autocratic father-in-law when he denies her son an education and teaches him to steal. Zanta escapes to Beijing with her seven-year-old son to find a school. Struggling as a street vendor and embattled by discrimination, she tries to give her child to an American radio correspondent. The surprised foreigner helps to find a school, and on a holiday trip to the Tibetan village for the New Years, unwittingly gets drawn into the Tibetan family feud.
Title Our Colonial Hangover Media TV
Entering Organization De Familie Film & TV Country/Region Netherlands
Our Colonial Hangover is the personal quest of Dutch film maker Sunny Bergman in response to the increasing fierceness of the public debate around the Dutch figure of Black Peter, a black faced helper of the Dutch Santa Claus. Bergman places people’s emotions in a wider perspective. Are we perhaps more racist than we think?
Title The Fighter Media Film
Entering Organization Fireworx Media Country/Region South Africa
From the edge of a shimmering Rio lagoon, a 12 year old girl watches the transformation of the waterfront. Nearing completion, Brazil’s massive Olympic Park is being constructed directly in front of the house her father built. Told entirely from her perspective, THE FIGHTER provides a glimpse into the experience of girlhood in the face of the powerful political and economic forces behind the 2016 Olympic Games.
Title Limbo Media TV
Entering Organization ZaLab Country/Region Italy
Imagine one of your loved ones, someone you live with to be suddenly arrested and taken away by the police, imprisoned far from home with the risk of being expelled from Italy forever. Imagine these things happening not because of any criminal act, but merely because of a lack of proper papers.
Title Alamto, a Reptile Wonderland Media TV
Entering Organization Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Country/Region Iran
For the first time ever, this riveting documentary shows a wonderland in Ilam where rare reptiles are living. The film shows these exotic species trying to survive on the planet for more time. Introducing new species of reptiles in west of Iran, specially spider tail reptile which is presented for the first time to the world.
Entering Organization JAVA FILMS Country/Region France
How did a boy from a backward town on the Caribbean coast become a writer who won the hearts of millions, from the poorest to the most powerful political leaders, and whose works changed our perception of reality? The answer is the incredible story of Gabriel García Márquez, the 1982 Nobel Prize winner for Literature, author of the globally popular, and critically-acclaimed masterpiece 100 Years of Solitude.
Title Uyghurs, Prisoners of the Absurd Media Film
Entering Organization National Film Board of Canada Country/Region Canada
22 men from China’s persecuted Uyghur minority who were detained in Guantánamo as terrorists. These Turkic-speaking Muslims, persecuted by the authorities in Beijing, escaped to the Middle East where they were captured and sold as terrorists to the American forces. From northern China to Guantánamo, Cuba, this new documentary by Patricio Henríquez charts the incredible odyssey of three of these ‘prisoners of the absurd,' linked to worldwide terror networks through no fault of their own.
Title Borderland Media TV
Entering Organization In Films Country/Region Australia
Six Americans are tasked by a frontier medical examiner with retracing the footsteps of three dead migrants. The six, from all walks of life, first explore the issue on the U.S. side. Then, split into three groups, they head for Mexico and Central America, learning about the lives of the migrants they’ve been 'assigned'. In a twist, the coroner instructs them to travel back to the USA alongside real migrants.
Title Pentatom, the Fukushima Kodaly Choir Media TV
Entering Organization MTVA Country/Region Hungary
The musical documentary presents the Fukushima Kodály Choir’s commitment to Hungarian culture and music through the work and personality of their founder, Furiya Miyako. Besides that, it shows the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the subsequent recovery period through the personal fate and tragedies of the members of the Kodály Choir of Fukushima.
Creative Frontier Category
Title Refugee Republic Media Website
Entering Organization SubmarineChannel Country/Region Netherlands
Refugee Republic is an interactive transmedia documentary about everyday life in Domiz Camp, a Syrian refugee camp in northern Iraq. Through an interactive map you can explore the camp through the pen drawings and parallax technique by scrolling/clicking/swiping. You meet the residents and get to know them by scrolling through audio-visual narratives, wandering through drawings enriched with sound and looking at the photographs and no comment videos.
Title Visualizing Japan (1850s-1930s): Westernization, Protest, Modernity Media Website
Entering Organization Harvard University Country/Region United States
Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) examines Japanese history and the skills and questions involved in reading history through images now accessible in digital formats. The introductory module considers methodologies historians use to “visualize” the past, followed by three modules that explore the themes of Westernization, social protest, and modernity.
Title The Power Factor Media Website
Entering Organization Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company Country/Region Sweden
‘The Power Factor’ is a cross-media-production about democracy aimed at 16 to 22 year-olds. A democratic society requires its citizens to be educated and motivated to exercise their civil rights and obligations. Democracy is one of the key elements in our educational system, but it’s a complex topic that can be abstract for students.
Entering Organization CHINH Country/Region India
Chinh Early Education Web Channel is a safe space for children without any advertiser content. Every month 10 films made by children under GROWING UP are uploaded on the channel. The educational content of is viewed in 87 countries across the world. In India, teachers use the content of the channel to enhance the class room education.
Title The Boris Games Media Game app.
Entering Organization Gamelab UK Country/Region United Kingdom
Boris Games are a breakthrough communication game for young people with learning disabilities who use Makaton signing to support their communication. The superhero avatar ‘Boris’ guides users through games that introduce new Makaton signs, in the context in which they might be used and allows students to practice and improve their ability to make the sign correctly using Microsoft Kinect’s 3D camera technology and our sign gesture recognition capabilities.
Title Oh My English! Media Cross Media
Entering Organization MEASAT BROADCAST NETWORK SYSTEMS SDN. BHD. Country/Region Malaysia
Oh My English! is an series on the Astro TVIQ channel that aims to instill proper conversational English among Malaysian teens through relatable comedy and drama. In each episode, there are dedicated ‘learning’ sequences where the teacher, Mr. Middleton, will teach viewers English by directing questions to them or pointing out the mistakes made by his students during the show.