Prize Winners (2013)

Let there be Light
Entering Organization Dhrupad Communication - Media for Education and Development
Country/Region Bangladesh

I feel proud to win this prestigious award. It is a big honor for my country Bangladesh and Dhrupad Communication. Caste discrimination remains one of the most severe and forgotten human rights abuses of the twenty-first century. More than 260 million people worldwide continue to experience discrimination based on their caste. It leads them to extreme poverty and powerlessness. Education seems to be a dream for them from generation to generation. In such a miserable situation, a young girl of this trodden community has created a splendid example in education by her personal enthusiasm that is really outstanding and significant. I believe, my film Let there be Light would certainly inspire the people all over the world how could an efforts and devotion of a young girl to education has already brought her at a level of success. We believe every person has equal rights to build up own destiny.

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