Prize Winners (2013)

Nisansun Productions & firefly Pictures 'Sundance Institute Documentary Fund' France 5-TV Makor Film Foundation Gesher Foundation 'People's Peace Fund'
Media/Duration Film / 68m15s
Country/Region Israel

Just over two years ago I returned to live in Israel, after 25 years of living in the UK. What I found in my homeland, was a disturbing normalization of insanity. An acceptance of violence as a ‘no alternative’ response to the conflict. Through a Palestinian friend I came across ‘Combatants for Peace,’ an Israeli Palestinian organization of ex combatants. Bassam Aramin and Rami Elhanan were two members of the organization who stood out immediately. They gave me the hope that enemies are just human beings lost in the armor of fear and ignorance and that through living examples like Bassam and Rami we can see the possibility of an alternative way. These are the people and stories we don’t usually get to hear about or see in the media. With their permission and generosity, I was let into their world and enabled to share it with others. By following both sides, it became easier to understand and convey the web and complexity of this confl ict. We appreciate receiving the JAPAN PRIZE, this helps us to know that the message of the film touches people all over the world.

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