In the JAPAN PRIZE 2012 , 335 entries were entered in total from 208 organizations in 60 countries & regions.

The Grand Prix Japan Prize
Title [Country/Region] Organization
WRINKLES [Spain] (1)Perro Verde Films
(3)Elephant in the black box
The Best Work in Each Category
Prize Title [Country/Region] Organization
The Best Work in the Pre-school Category
(The Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Prize)
Tord's Garage [Norway] Norwegian Broadcasting Company (NRK)
The Best Work in the Primary Category
(The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize)
MY FARM-MY CLASSROOM [India] Doordarshan India
The Best Work in the Youth Category (The Minister of Foreign Affairs Prize) Deaf Jam [United States] (1) Made-By-Hand
(2) Independent Television Service (ITVS)
(3) City Lore
The Best Work in the Continuing Education Category (The Governor of Tokyo Prize) The Cosmic Shore [Japan] Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)
The Best Work in the Welfare Education Category (The President of NHK Prize) WRINKLES [Spain] (1)Perro Verde Films
(3)Elephant in the black box
The Best Work in the Innovative Media Category (The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize) The Alzheimer Experience [Netherlands] Submarine
Special Prizes
Prize Title [Country/Region] Organization
The Maeda Prize Angak, Bangak and Clola Sangak (ABC) [Afghanistan] Aria TV
The Japan Foundation President’s Prize ANOTHER NIGHT ON EARTH [Spain] HIBRIDA
The UNICEF Prize Blossom with Tears [China] Zhengjiang Satellite TV
The Best Proposal (The Hoso Bunka Foundation Prize)
Title Believe in yourself
Country/Region Nepal
Organization Joining Hands Nepal (JHN)
Content The documentary is based on the factual story of 21 years old woman. She is the main credible source of this documentary. She is from the minority groups, who grew up in orphaned children home with disabilities. She got spinal cord injury at the age of three and lost her parents in the accident. Physically her life is limited in the wheel chair but she has tremendous determination towards the life. Her efforts to live a respectful life in this discriminated and unfriendly society gives a strong message to believe in yourself. She challenges the society and changes the attitude of the people by her social activities. She loves fashion and modeling and became the first wheel chair model of the country. She also wanted to deliver an important message that person with disabilities should wear disabled friendly cloths and fabric. She is also creating general awareness among the spinally injured people about the positive living subsequent to a traumatic injury which has changed their lives forever. She has been the inspiration not only for the people living with disability but also for the able people. She is working together with youth for the disable friendly school, college and public places. She feels challenge in every step of her daily life. She believes in herself and says ‘wheel chair is not my barrier, every adult consists the caliber to make a beautiful life and the inclusive society.
Special Prize (The National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan Prize)
Country/Region Colombia
Organization Radio y Television de Colombia (RTVC)
Content Kids, Camera, Action is a magazine thought and produced for children by children and it will be structured for this sections: DOWNPOUR OF IDEAS: children will meet and converse producers to define what the topic will be addressed in the program, for example, gangs, garbage, the few places to play, etc. CHRONICLE: it will be a short story with drama scenes acted by children where one of them show how has been affected by the central theme problem. VOX POP: through interviews produced by the children we know the opinions of different people in the neighborhood about why the problem emerged and which could be the possible solutions. ALL FOR ONE: every child tells a story and makes a draw which it will be animated. The story theme will be what solutions they think is the most successful in order to solve the problem. VOTE: they will choose which is the best solution. ACTION FOR CHANGE: they will start to implement the strategy chosen to solve the problem. Making off: Before each section will show how children are doing the TV program and how to face situations of production.

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