Title EnglishCentral
Country Japan
Organization EnglishCentral KK (EnglishCentral)

In this online English-learning service, users first customize their topics, filtering out videos relevant to their interest. With the cutting edge voice-recognition technology, users can record as they read the video sentences and receive immediate feedback on pronunciation. The “Learn” section features vocabulary lists pertaining to the topics of choice, with video samples of vocabulary use and quizzes. The website diagnoses the user’s pronunciation over time, and expert help videos aid in the improvement of weak sounds. With its richness of in-context, up-to-date videos and feedback from native speakers, the website actively engages the user and maximizes the effectiveness of English-learning that cannot be obtained from textbooks.
Title Departures
Country KCET Los Angeles (KCET)
Organization United States

A trans-media experience of the cultural history of the Los Angeles neighborhoods, the website captures the stories of the local citizens in a navigable mural of each community with hotspot links to over 40 hours of videos and audio interviews, and resources like maps, texts, and archival photography. Also a digital literacy project, the “Youth” page is produced by high school students, who use multimedia tools to document and map out their hometown. This locally-produced documentary and civic engagement tool provides the opportunity of becoming online journalists and media producers in addition to spreading the voice of the LA people.