For a country like Bangladesh with a vast population, where the literacy rate is low and the government has been struggling to ensure basic education, it is not possible to implement all development measures properly. Akbar Ali, the son of a poor hand loom worker, was one of the first to realize the importance of education. Without education, nothing would be changed. With his own savings, he established night school for adults and day school for children. By introducing Ali’s efforts, this documentary will inspire privileged people and educators to support education.

 I am extremely delighted and feel proud to win the prestigious prize. It’s a big honor for my country and also for the young man Mr. Akbar Ali who never says “No” to life. As the language of film is universal and a single frame can be more powerful than a million words, so I hope the proposed documentary will convey the intention to all classes of people; how could a man, little educated himself and belonging to an underprivileged class, promote basic education to the illiterate by voluntary measures only without any financial help? How could this man promote education in challenging areas with social-economic adversities? His motto is: “a civilized person should not be illiterate.”