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Preschool Primary Youth Continuing Welfare   Proposal Div.

Country / Region




  Argentina Channel Encuentro (Encuentro) A Special Tour A
  Argentina Instituto Nacional de Formación Docente Ministerio de Educación (INFD Ministerio de Educación) Luis F. Iglesias, a teacher's path A
Australia ZONE4 Digital Media PTY LTD (ZONE4) Aftermath D
  Barbados Media Resource Department (MRD) Roly Poly Learns A Lesson: Conservation of Water A
  Bhutan Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) The Road To Success A
  Bhutan Dakinny Productions Article 13: Commemorating the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Bhutan through Art A
  Brazil Fundacao Padre Anchieta (TV CULTURA) Culture Brazil B
  Brazil Fundacao Padre Anchieta (TV CULTURA) Special - Cities: The World We Build A
  Canada Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Societe Radio-Canada (CBC Radio-Canada) The Ultimate Forgiveness A
  Canada Mask Removal Productions 36-24-36 A
  Canada Merit Motion Pictures (MMP) One Ocean: The Changing Sea A
Canada National Film Board of Canada (NFB) Tying Your Own Shoes A
  Canada One Ocean Interactive (OOI) One Ocean Interactive B
Canada The Image Works Alberta Inc. Excite: Perspectives on Ideology B
  Canada University of British Colombia (UBC) Lenfest Ocean Summits: Single player game D
  Canada University of British Colombia (UBC) Life in the Chesapeake Bay A
  China Beijing Radium Film (BJRF) For the Love of Shakespeare A
  China China Central Television (CCTV) Wang Jia A
  China Christian Zheng Sheng College (ZS) Never Say 'Never'--Trust A

China Communication University of China (CUC) Youth in a Mountain Village A
  China Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) Indecent Massage A
  China Shun Tak Fraternal Association Yung Yau College Wake Up A
  China Tsinghua University (THU) The coming national day A
  China Tsingying Film Studio Beijing 2008 A
  Colombia Universidad de Antioquia, Departamento de Servicios Audiovisuales La Casetera: Gordo’s Project A
  Croatia KING ICT d.o.o. (KING ICT) First World War visualized with Geanium B
  Finland Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) The Happiness Test B
France France 5 (F5) Portraits of a new world B
  Germany Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) nine-and-a-half: Street Children A
  Germany Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) KoranKinder A
  India Doordarshan India (DDI) Udaan---Ek Nai Disha Ki Ore: Dil se A
  India Leoarts Communication The MIND GAME A
  Indonesia The Center for Information and Communication Technology for Education (PUSTEKKOM) Features Pendidikan A
  Iraq Ministry of Science and Technology Sinbad the Godfather of Civilizations B
Ireland Radio Telefis Eireann (RTE) Operation Transformation A
  Italy Aircinema (AC) AMEN A
  Japan Innovative Language Learning Co., Ltd.s B
Japan Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Shine On!: Barrier-free Variety Show A
  Japan Sapporo Television Broadcasting Corporation (STV) The Gift from Taiga and Cocoa The Story of Disabled Twin Tigers A
  Japan Shizuoka Telecasting Co., Ltd. (SUT) Iori and Ibuki: why we were born A
  Kyrgyz Multimedia Public Association (Multimedia PA) Funny shoes A
  Kyrgyz Tazar cinemacompany Cradle of Happiness (Omur beshigi) A
  Mexico XE IPN CANAL ONCE TV (ONCE TV) Making echoes: Literacy campaign, Queretaro A
  Netherlands Edia ALANE Newsreader B
  Netherlands Nederlandse Programma Stichting (NPS) The second chance A
  Netherlands Ranj Serious Games The Great Flu C
  Netherlands TELEAC Educational Broadcasting Corporation (TELEAC) A knot in your handkerchief: Music Gala 2009 A
  Philippines GMA Network Inc. (GMA-7) Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho: Child Rights Special A
  Rep. of Korea Busan Munwha Broadcasting Corporation (Busan MBC) Melodies of hope from Gadeok A
  Rep. of Korea Cheongju Munwha Broadcasting Corporation (Cheongju MBC) No Gun Ri Still Lives On: The Truth Behind That Day A
  Rep. of Korea Chuncheon Munwha Broadcasting Corporation (CH-MBC) Ayla, My Korean Daughter A
Rep. of Korea Cinema Platform DUST KID A
  Rep. of Korea Daejeon Munwha Broadcasting Corporation (TJ-MBC) The Sky From Two Thousand Years Ago: Cheonsangyeolchabunyajido A
  Rep. of Korea Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) <Knowledge Channel-e> "The Green Mountain Fields" A
  Rep. of Korea Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) Vitamin: Great Foods & One Fine Day A
Rep. of Korea Seoul Broadcasting Systems (SBS) Seung-il Story: What It Means to Live A
  Rep. of Korea Ulsan Munhwa Broadcasting Corp. (Ulsan-MBC) Onggi, the Brown Earthenware A
  Romania Romanian Television (TVR) The Role Model in the Picture Frame A
  South Africa Broadcast HIV Africa Imagine Africa: Episode 9 A
  South Africa Traffic Corporate Communications (Traffic) Morwalela A
  Spain 5 minutos mas P.C. Tejedores A
  Spain Television Espanola (TVE) Emotional education from the mother's womb A
  Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC) POTS OF MILK: STORIES OF MENTAL HAPPINESS A
Sweden Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company (UR) Homeless A
  Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation (PTS) Dou Dou Goes to School A
  Taiwan SunArts & Production To Promise a Clean Future - Wind Power A
  Taiwan Tzu Chi Culture and Communication Foundation Taiwan- An Island of Mysterious Wonders of Mother Nature (The Tale of Volcanoes) A
United Kingdom British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Great Ormond Street: Caught In The Machine (Episode 2) A
United Kingdom British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Ouch! B
  United Kingdom Open University Worldwide Can Gerry Robinson Fix Dementia Care Homes? A
United Kingdom Open University Worldwide Dementia care interactive: Louise's Story D
  United Kingdom Teachers TV Inspirations: Bringing Education to the Himalayas A
  United States Concept Images, LLC First Flight: A Mother Hummingbird's Story A
  United States Harvard University Justice: What's The Right Thing To Do? (Ep. 1 The Moral Side of Murder/The Case for Cannibalism) A
United States Rosalia Films World Peace and other 4th-Grade Achievements A
  United States Sesame Workshop Rechov Sumsum A
  United States WGBH Educational Foundation Digital Nation A