NFB-National Film Board of Canada
Shy, near-sighted Milo lives in a lonely, blurry world and is blind to his true friend, Gwenny. A visit to an eye doctor changes things. Milo's first pair of glasses enable him to excel in class and on the playground. Overly confident, he loses sight of his real friends until an accident reminds him.

An exploration of elementary school life, focusing on bullying and intolerance, the program provides an opportunity to discuss these issues. "Glasses" is also about friendship and how everyone needs to feel included.
  UR-Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company
What would happen if animals, birds and even human beings had no bones? Human beings and other animals would not be able to support their bodies. Based on this hypothetical situation, the program explains the purpose and mechanism of bones through simple and humorous animation so that it is easy to understand. The program also introduces how we can see our bones using X-rays and explains what happens when a bone is fractured or broken and how it is treated. In addition to the human skeleton, the skeletal structure in animals, birds and dinosaurs is explained, along with the existence of life forms without bones such as shrimp and jellyfish. The program also calls attention to related fields such as fossil excavation and museum exhibits.