What would happen if animals, birds and even human beings had no bones? Human beings and other animals would not be able to support their bodies. Based on this hypothetical situation, the program explains the purpose and mechanism of bones through simple and humorous animation so that it is easy to understand. The program also introduces how we can see our bones using X-rays and explains what happens when a bone is fractured or broken and how it is treated. In addition to the human skeleton, the skeletal structure in animals, birds and dinosaurs is explained, along with the existence of life forms without bones such as shrimp and jellyfish. The program also calls attention to related fields such as fossil excavation and museum exhibits.
Jury Comments
This is an outstanding program, which presents the roles and functions of bones to children with limited explanation and excellent combinations of visuals, music and sound effects. The structure of this well made program first raises the question, "How could you live without bones?" and then gives a gentle explanation of the hardness of bones in a visually easy-to-understand way using humorous animation. This is a high quality production that incorporates superior methods of sound and editing with a balanced tempo.
Producer's Comments Ms. Helen Rundgren, Producer
When you work with Science for children, skeletons are an obvious theme. Children are interested in skeletons. At least they are afraid of them. As a producer of science programmes and an author of children's science books, I am used to trying to find "the other" angle: What if? What if not? How and Why? Skeletons, skeletons, skeletons. I thought about it for quite a while:

Why do we have them? What, if we would not? - Yes! There is certainly something for an animator in this! And that is how our little team of only two people first got started. I wrote the script. Maria Beskow made drawings and later on animations. She made all animations in her home computer in seven weeks! The team grew: Now it contained six persons, one editor, one musician and two sound engineers. A well-known young actor (comedian) read the Swedish script and then just a few weeks later, the film was finished. Maria, the animator, was exhausted and myself, I was in hospital.... But we all love the film a lot. It is our baby!

Thanks for the prize!