Nikki is a young boy from a poor family in Manila who loves to study. He begs on the streets while going to school to support his family. He loves school but does not even have enough money for lunch. He wears clothes handed down from adults to go to school. But his parents depend on the small earnings of their son for survival. The reality is the Philippine government has not been able to solve the serious educational problems faced by the poor. Through the life of a young boy, fighting poverty and determined to gain an education, the program raises the issue of problems with the education system in the Philippines.
Jury Comments
This program is a documentary produced by Philippine producers who hope that the program will be of use in improving educational and economic gaps in the Philippines. As it dared to describe the difficult situation surrounding children, this program succeeded in encouraging viewers to recognize morality as human beings. Although the jury assumed that the program used simple direction and limited means, it is worthy of admiration that the producers tried to underline the absolute necessity of educating the next generation to secure its future.