The series explores issues young people are facing now and how they should be dealt with through introducing the historical background behind the birth of this 20th century masterpiece and the message the song delivers. Although John Lennon's "Imagine" was listed inappropriate for broadcast after the terrorist attacks on the United States in September, 2001, the song quietly received wide support. Junior high-schools in Tokyo used "Imagine" for sociaal studies classes, encouraging students to think about the meaning of world peace and how to achieve it. Junior high-school students relate to the message of the song and write a letter hoping for world peace to Yoko Ono.
Since the terrorist attacks, many people who realized the security and peace in their lives had crumbled expressed anxiety and fear. Here also, a teacher uses "Imagine" for the students to consider the meaning of the lyrics. It is an attempt to use the song for emotional healing. Japanese and Americans contemplate the meaning the song holds and realize the music and lyrics deliver a message that overcomes ethnic and generational differences.
Jury Comments
"Imagine 2001-2002", an episode from the series, "Songs to Mark a Millennium", represents the world of the '60s and '70s when John Lennon created this song, and links to actions for peace in the following 30 years, focusing on September 11. This program uses the power of music to communicate a message of global peace across nations and cultures and promotes international understanding between young people. The value of imagination is supported as a way to give power to intentions and actions in order to make a difference and to work actively for the creation of a better world.
This message is shown by the powerful interaction between Japanese and American teens, bridging the gap between the '60s generation and their children, who are finally able to share a dream through a song. The program creatively blends many different production elements in a very effective way, making it at the same time educational and entertaining.
Producer's Comments Mr. Akihiro Masuko, Senior Producer
This is a portrait of many incidents happened related to the song "Imagine", after the terrorist' attacks. Peace, calmness, struggle, recovery...I tried to review the power of the song "Imagine" that came into the minds of those moved by the attacks.

It took 3 weeks from putting the idea together to actual filming. After 3 weeks of filming and another 3 weeks of post production, this piece was completed with cooperation of all those who love "Imagine". Whole process had just passed like a wave of passion. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your cooperation.