Youth Education
In the Youth Education category, programs for youth around age 12 to 17 areentered and evaluated. In JAPAN PRIZE 2002, the 52 entries from 30 countriesfell mostly into two groups. The first concerned curriculum-based educationand the second related to social and current affairs concerning teens suchas solitude, death, drug abuse, and gender and cultural identity. There werefewer curriculum-based entries than in past years, but creative school-useprograms are still needed.

These difficult subjects for a difficult time in life are hard to produce intypical TV formats. This age group is less interested in traditional TVprograms, especially when the content and format reflect adult perspectivesand control. Producers are encouraged to look for new formats and techniquesthat permit teens to communicate their issues in their own authentic voice.
SONGS TO MARK A MILLENNIUM: "Imagine" 2001-2002 / Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)
OPEN STORY: Sometimes You Just Want to Scream / YLE-Finnish Broadcasting Company
KNOWLEDGE MAKES YOU GO AH!: Episode 15 / WDR-Westdeutscher Rundfunk