Early Education
In the Early Education category, programs for children up to about age 12 are entered and evaluated. Fifty programs from 28 countries were entered in JAPAN PRIZE 2002. They were well targeted and well balanced, dealt with a large variety of subjects and had appropriate editorial and technical formats. Many programs dealt with bullying and exclusion; there were also many programs about the environment.

Many programs presented fresh ideas and humor but storytelling was still critical. Programs on school curriculum subjects, such as science, languages and education for art and music became more interactive through their websites and other types of interactivity such as using the internet or offering practical activities to do at home or school.
MORE THAN BEAUTIFUL STORIES: Airplane - Episode 13 / Educational Broadcasting System (EBS)
Glasses / NFB-National Film Board of Canada
NATURE AROUND US: Skeletons / UR-Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company