The 25th Prize-Winning Programs
Prize Program Title Country Ctg.
Japan Prize&The Governor of Tokyo Prize ON THE EDGE OF THE ODD: Fears of the Full Moon Finland S
The Minister of Foreign Affairs Prize ASIA DYNAMIC: Henna on My Hands New Zealand A
The Minister of Education Prize STAGE TWO SCIENCE: Inner City - Habitats U.K Pri
The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Prize BATIBOT (SMALL BUT STRONG) Philippines Pre
The Japan Foundation President's Prize RECHOV SUMSUM SHAARA SIMSIM: Living in Harmony Israel Pre
The UNICEF Prize ONLY ONE EARTH: Lost School, Lost Home, Lost Hopes Korea A
The Hoso Bunka Foundation Prize Planet Biennial Brazil Pri
The Japan Association for Educational Broadcasting Prize Learn & Live U.S.A. A
The Maeda Prize MUSIMOUSE: Musimouse Hungary Pri