Past Prize-Winning Programs
The Japan Prize
(The program judged to have the highest educative value from among all programs entered)
The Minister of Education Prize
(The best program in the Pre-school Education Category)
TELETUBBIES: Playing in the Rain

Entered by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Category: Pre-school
Duration: 24 min.
This is an episode from the series "Teletubbies" which is broadcast every day. The world of early childhood is carefully depicted and the program utilizes video technology and computer graphics to create a unique atmosphere.

The program takes place in a fantasy "Teletubbyland" land where the Teletubbies lead a happy and delightful life. One day a cloud appears in their land and the Teletubbies wonder what it is. A television screen in the stomach of one of the Teletubbies shows kindergarten children in the real world playing in the rain and jumping in puddles. Then the Teletubbies also play in the rain.

Each program in this series aims at helping young children to understand the world around them through enjoyable scenes in both the real and fictitious worlds.

About the producers, jury members commented that "their careful observation and understanding of young children made the program possible". It was highly evaluated by the jury because "this slowly flowing program is understandable and enjoyable even for small children thanks to deliberate repetition and onomatopoetics."