• NEW[2014.10.30] Japan Prize 2014 Awards Ceremony on air - NHK ETV at 4:00- 5:00pm on Saturday, Nov.1
  • NEW[2014.10.30] [Totteoki Sunday] will introduce the awarded works partially - NHK GTV at 11:00-11:54am Nov. 2
  • [2014.10.21] JAPAN PRIZE Winners Announced on October 21
  • [2014.10.11] Delegate registration deadline extended to October 14
  • [2014.10.1]  Finalist works video clips are now open
  • [2014.10.1]  International Producers Conference for Educational Media line up
  • [2014.9.1]   Announcement of the JAPAN PRIZE 2014 Finalists and Special Prize Candidates.
  • [2014.7.24] The second progress report on "Let there be Light" posted from Bangladesh
  • [2014.5.29] The second progress report on “Schooling along wild track” posted from Sri Lanka!
  • [2014.5.18] Call For Entry for the Audiovisual Division and TV Proposal Division.
  • [2014.4.17] TV Proposal Div. Special Prize winner posted a progress report of "Let there be Light" production.
  • [2014.2.19] JAPAN PRIZE 2014 will be held on October 15th to 21st, 2014
  • [2014.2.19] TV Proposal Division Winner posts a report on shooting.
  • [2014.1.21] JAPAN PRIZE 2013 IPCEM Event Report uploaded
  • [2014.1.21] JAPAN PRIZE 2013 Winning Works digest version uploaded

The 2014 Japan Prize Winning Works (parts) on the Air:

November 2 (Sun) 11:00 - 11:54 am NHK General
In “Totteoki Sunday” (Japanese language, local broadcasting)

The 41st JAPAN PRIZE Awards Ceremony Goes on the Air:

November 1 (Sat) 4:00 - 5:00 pm Educational TV

Winners Announced for JAPAN PRIZE 2014!

Click here for the all winners including Grand Prix.

The 2014 Grand Prix Winning Program Goes on the Air:

0:00 - 0:50 am, Thursday 23, October (Wednesday night) NHK-BS1   
Don’t miss it!

17th (Fri) - 18th(Sat) Finalist Works Screening and Nominees Q & A Session

Video clips are available on the list of finalists.

19th(Sun) - 20th’(Mon) International Producer's Conference for Educational Media (IPCEM)

Please see the details of IPCEM Sessions and Special Presentation.

Announcement of the JAPAN PRIZE 2014 Finalists

We received 320 entries from 206 organizations in 62 countries/regions in the Audiovisual Division and the TV Proposal Division. Thirty-five entries have been selected as preliminary finalists. The Award Winners and Grand Prix will be selected in October from among those finalists! Also candidates for the four Special Prizes have been nominated. Please click here to see the list of finalists.

Japan Prize 2014

Call for Entry April 1 – June 30, 2014 (Japan Time)
JAPAN PRIZE:October 15 – October 21, 2014
Delegate Registration opens:August 14.

The second progress report on “Let there be Light” was just posted by Hasan, the winner of The National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan Prize in the TV Proposal Division 2013.