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The TV series TOMORROW documents the lessons and wisdom gained through enduring the March 2011 disaster. Covering the fields of disaster prevention, environmental well-being, psychological care, and new technology, we share our findings with the world.
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Mar 7
Nuclear Disaster Evacuees' Untold Stories

Nuclear Disaster Evacuees' Untold Stories

It’s nearly five years since the accidents at the Tokyo Electric Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Uncertain about their future, around 100,000 evacuees from Fukushima Prefecture who are now spread all over the country are being pressed to make various decisions. In order to help them, lawyers are listening to their stories.One mother who voluntarily evacuated now lives with her children in very needy circumstances with nothing and nobody to depend on. And amongst those forced to evacuate who used to be close friends, ill feelings have grown as a result of differences in compensation and aid measures.The program introduces the unvoiced opinions of those who had no option but to evacuate after the 3.11 disaster. It includes interviews with a female ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) lawyer who deals mainly with those who evacuated voluntarily to Saitama Prefecture, where many evacuees now live. And it introduces a lawyer couple who have returned to Fukushima to support the evacuees.

Apr 28
The Magical Power of Cinema

The Magical Power of Cinema

Movies have provided great support to people in the Tohoku region. From two months after the disaster, the “Cinema Yell Tohoku” project has held more than 500 free-of-charge screenings of popular movies in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures. With the help of people in the movie industry, screenings have been held at elementary schools and temporary housing complexes. People are once again enjoying watching movies together with others, and movies are starting to become a new focus for community-building. The program investigates the spirit of people connected by movies and the regeneration of communities.

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