Submission Guideline

The submitted files will be featured on the website and/or program. However, not all will be featured. Please submit files in accordance with the rules listed below. Participants who have submitted files shall be deemed as having consented to the said rules.


Participation is open to all; no particular qualifications required.
(Minors are required to obtain parental or guardian consent when submitting video files.)

<Submission Guidelines>

The submitted file may be put up on the One Million People's FLOWERS WILL BLOOM's official website, official YouTube, or accompanying television program. The display of the submitted material, the order in which it is displayed, and the period of display shall be at the discretion of NHK. NHK shall not respond to any questions regarding its decision to feature or not feature any material. If the file displays images of another person/s, the individual submitting the clip should obtain consent from that person/s. Minors are required to obtain parental or guardian consent when submitting video files. NHK shall not feature any material that is likely to be unsuitable for children, and any material that is likely to infringe on public peace, public decency, or the rights of other individuals. Furthermore, NHK shall not feature any material with pronounced racial discrimination, political or religious bias or any advertisement or commercial activity. If you use copyrighted work (picture, audio and other materials) belonging to a third party, please refer to the "NHK Copyright" content below and take appropriate authorization. Any production and cost for submission will be borne by the person who sent it. If the person gets into trouble with a third party, it will be the person's responsibility to solve this. If there is any submission that violates NHK's Terms of Use, that person must pay compensation for the damage.
The submitted files and information shall not be used for any other purpose other than the production of the NHK's website, official YouTube and television program. NHK may contact the person who submitted the files during our program production. Refer to the Privacy Guidelines (NHK Policy on Protection of Personal Information) for details about the handling of information of a personal nature.

<Copyright Guidelines>

Information on the copyright and related rights of the submitted files are as follows.
Copyright shall reside with the producer (production group). NHK may use the submitted material for any of the following purposes listed from (1) to (9) in its broadcasts. The submitted material may be kept and used non-exclusively and for free, with no time limit.

(1) Use in NHK broadcasts and NHK websites.
(2) Use for publicity purposes, exhibitions, or research and studies conducted by NHK (including features in non-NHK websites). Use by other sites for generating publicity for NHK.
(3) Submission to domestic and foreign competitions and other such events.
(4) Provision to public undertakings in Japan and abroad at the discretion of NHK.
(5) Airing on foreign and domestic broadcasting and cable TV stations.
(6) Use in various events in Japan and abroad.
(7) Distributing on the NHK On Demand service.
(8) Provision to any books, magazines, DVD, or other media relating to NHK broadcasts. (9) Use in any other, subsequently devised media not listed above.
The submitted material may be modified, cut, or otherwise edited, but such editing shall not significantly impinge upon the original intent, content, and comments. The name or nickname of the individual submitting the material may be featured at the discretion of NHK.

These provisions are subject to change. Any changes shall be promptly displayed on this page.

March 26, 2013
One Million People's FLOWERS WILL BLOOM Secretariat

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