Japan beyond 3.11 Stories of Recovery


What to Do with the Rubble

Aired: June 10, 2011
Collapsed buildings, boats run aground, damaged vehicles -- by government estimate, the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami left behind more than 20 million tons of rubble in the prefectures affected, almost double the amount left by the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake. Three months later, less than 20% of the debris has been cleared. Families still searching for remains and memorabilia, flooding caused by sunken ground and a variety of other challenges confront survivors in the region. Waste management facilities are reluctant to accept the salt-drenched debris because it will damage incinerators, and the scarcity of flat land along the Sanriku coast means there are few alternative storage sites. Meanwhile, hazardous dust from the rubble is triggering an increasing number of health problems. This program examines why there appears to be so little progress cleaning up after the quake.
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