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The TOMORROW series has been bringing updates to viewers about the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the lessons learned. In connection with the fifth anniversary of the disaster, three weeks of TOMORROW programs will cover conditions in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures. Host Daniel Kahl, along with reporters and guests, will examine the restoration progress and profile people who are constructing a future for themselves and their communities.


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Five years have passed since the 3.11 disaster. Have people in the stricken areas in Iwate managed to regain their lives? How is the recovery progressing in the communities? The TOMORROW reporters who have been observing Iwate engage in an lively discussion! / Five years ago, Kazu Huggler, a leading Swiss fashion designer, met a group of housewives in Rikuzentakata who had experienced the disaster. They started working together to produce Japanese handmade items. How has their initiative developed since then? / A favorite recipe of fishermen created by moms working at the beach has become so popular! Their problem now is a shortage of hands! / As for the elderly men of Noda-mura village, they’re getting along well together! / What kind of future lies ahead for the Kamaishi foresters who joined forces to work on a housing reconstruction project? / The discussion considers recovery issues from foreigners’ viewpoints and touches on various aspects of the Japanese. The 48-minute program presents an overall picture of the situation in Iwate Prefecture today.


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Five years ago, the fishing industry in the prefecture that proudly calls itself Fishery Miyagi was devastated by the tsunami. How is the recovery of the marine resources progressing? We discover fishermen so dynamic that they almost seem to be leading the nation’s fisheries. / Special guest Richard Collasse, the president of a foreign-affiliated fashion brand, has been supporting the stricken areas since just after the disaster. One man he met at an evacuation site created employment with a jack-of-all-trades business to handle any kind of troubles at temporary housing sites. The participants talk about the recovery of Kesennuma and the lives of its residents. / For the past four years, TOMORROW has been following the friendship between the Taiwanese actress Lin Chiling and the Uo-za Youth Theatre Troupe from Kesennuma City. Messages from the remarkably matured performers will be delivered to Lin Chiling. / ‘The Woodlands School Project’ promoted by Higashi-Matsushima City is a dream-filled plan to create a public elementary school in the hills, with the forest providing the school grounds. The local people are eagerly awaiting completion of the school that will allow children to play and study in the forest.


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Fukushima has become a familiar name worldwide as a result of the nuclear accidents in 2011. Ever since then, the world has been concerned about what’s happening regarding radioactive contamination in the prefecture. To answer that question, the program will squarely face what’s been going on in Fukushima since the accidents. / French documentary filmmaker Keiko Courdy, who has been covering Fukushima since the nuclear accidents, will appear as a guest, along with experts on radiation, and the situation in Fukushima today will be explained in an easy-to-understand manner. / Various people who have appeared on TOMORROW will also take part. The program considers the future of Fukushima by featuring those who continue striving to overcome many hardships. They include villagers who have been carrying out decontamination work in the evacuation zones, hoping to return to their homes, and young people who are showing remarkable progress in re-energizing Fukushima’s farming with their new ideas.

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