May J.

May J. is a singer who made her major-label debut in 2006. She has roots in Japan, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Spain, and the UK.

Dave Spector

Dave Spector is a Chicago-born TV producer with an encyclopedic knowledge of Japanese entertainment.

Kazumi Watanabe

Kazumi Watanabe is an internationally renowned guitarist. He has been at the forefront of Japanese jazz since releasing his first recording in 1971.

☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo)

Taku Takahashi is one of Japan's top DJs and producers. He's part of the influential production team m-flo.

Joe Inoue

Singer-songwriter Joe Inoue was born in Los Angeles. He plays all the instruments on his recordings.

Morning Musume。'19

Morning Musume。'19

Morning Musume。'19 are an idol group with a continually changing lineup. They've been hugely popular since their formation in 1997.

Yoichi Watanabe

Yoichi Watanabe is a photographer who's famous for covering conflict zones around the world.


All-girl rock band SCANDAL are big favorites with viewers around the world. They get requested again and again.


Yun*chi is a rising star as a singer and an expert on Japanese subcultures. She's also a successful fashion model.


Rock band FLOW have created a string of hit anime songs. They give high-energy live shows around the world.

Kouki Hanamizakura

Kouki Hanamizakura is the vocalist in the visual-kei rock band D=OUT. He made his solo recording debut in 2015 in a Japanese pop genre called mood kayo.


Kylee is a singer with roots in Japan and the United States. She made her recording debut in Japan in 2010.

Maiko Katagiri (MAY'S)

Maiko is the daughter of a minyo (Japanese folk song) teacher. She made her major-label recording debut in 2008 as the vocalist for MAY'S—a partnership with DJ and producer Junichi Kawai a.k.a. NAUGHTY BO-Z.


SHANTI is a singer-songwriter who made her major-label recording debut in 2010. She presented J-MELO with May J. from 2008 to 2010.


Singer-songwriter LEO IMAI made his major-label recording debut in 2006. He has roots in Japan and Sweden.


Singer-songwriter JAY'ED has been a major-label recording artist since 2008. He has roots in Japan and New Zealand.

Ai Takekawa

Singer-songwriter Ai Takekawa began working in music in her teens and became a major-label recording artist in 2009.

Kazufumi Miyazawa

Kazufumi Miyazawa is a musician who's known worldwide for his work in bands THE BOOM and GANGA ZUMBA and for numerous solo projects.

Scott Murphy

Scott Murphy made his music debut with US pop-punk band ALLiSTER. He has released four J-pop cover albums as a solo artist.