J-MELO Research 2017

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  • Thank you for watching J-MELO. We at Team J-MELO would like to survey our viewers to find out how everyone listens to Japanese music, and use those findings to make our program even better.
    Please fill out the information below.

  • For information on our handling of the personal information we receive from you, please see "Personal Information."

1. First, a few questions about you.

2. How you access Japanese music

2-1 How do you listen to Japanese music? (Multiple answers OK)

(Broadcast and online)

(Physical media)


2-2 Where do you get information on Japanese music? (Multiple answers OK)

2-3 How did you first hear Japanese music?

3. What you like about Japanese music

3-1 What are some of your favorite things about Japanese music? (Multiple answers OK)

3-2 What genres of Japanese music do you like? (Multiple answers OK)

3-3 Would you be interested in going to an event using digital technology, such as a Japanese artist's virtual/augmented reality concert or an AI show?

4. About Japanese culture

4-4 What aspects of Japan interest you? Choose from the words below. (Multiple answers OK)

5. How do you usually watch J-MELO?

The information you give us will be used for this survey only, and your email address will not be shared with a third party. However, your name and answers may be used or made public in our program, on our program website, or in program promotions.

J-MELO plans to conduct more surveys in the future to see how Japanese music is gaining popularity around the world. Can we contact you to ask for your help?

Thank you for your support!

[Survey Personnel]

Keio University Art Center Pop Japan Project
Mario Kumekawa (Vice-Director, KUAC; Professor, Keio University Faculty of Letters)
Nobuyuki Harada (Senior Producer, Japan International Broadcasting)
Ryosuke Hidaka (Visiting Researcher, KUAC; Assistant Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University)