J-MELO New Song Project with Ai Takekawa

Join our manga band!

武川アイ If you like music and manga, you'll love the latest new project from J-MELO. We're going to form a band, help it make its recording debut, and show the whole story in an online manga strip. And we're inviting you to join the band!
 J-MELO music discoverer Ai Takekawa will be fronting the band in her new guise as the manga character LUNA. But we can't decide anything else about the band without more members, so we need you to audition.
 Whether you're an aspiring singer, instrumentalist, or DJ, we want to hear from you. And whatever kind of music you like to perform, it's fine with us. All you need to do is send a video or audio recording so we can check you out.
 You can audition through Monday July 11. (If you send an audio recording, please send a photo too.) If you're successful, you'll get your own avatar in our manga strip, and you'll be set for virtual music stardom in LUNA's band.

If you love music and manga, join the band!

We've decided on the band lineup. Part two of the story is coming soon.

Here's the first installment of the J-MELO manga:

Here's the second installment of the J-MELO manga:

Here's the third installment of the J-MELO manga:

Here's the fourth installment of the J-MELO manga:
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