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It's All Calligraphy!

True Love Choco

One Night at the Onsen

Let's Tidy Up!

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Full EpisodeIt's All Calligraphy!

Full EpisodeTrue Love Choco

Full EpisodeOne Night at the Onsen

Full EpisodeLet's Tidy Up!

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TrailerSeason 2 Making

What has Japan got in store for Londoner Bryan Jenkins as he begins his new life as a stay-at-home husband in Tokyo!?


When his Japanese mother-in-law passes away, Englishman Bryan Jenkins moves to Tokyo with his family to live with his father-in-law.

With his wife heading out to work in the city, he must come to grips with being a homemaker in Japan! There are still plenty of fresh surprises in store for him whether it be learning the basics of the Japanese language to the uniqueness of Valentine's Day in this country... and even the supernatural myths from the Japanese horror scene!

Full of laughter and love – and plenty of cultural misunderstandings, witness life in Tokyo through the eyes of a foreigner who just wants to keep his family safe and happy.


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