Home Sweet Tokyo

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  • [NHK WORLD TV] Episode 1: 11/19 Sun. 13:10-, 23:10-, 11/20 Mon. 07:10- etc.(JST) *4 episodes x 15min.

What has Japan got in store for Londoner Bryan Jenkins as he begins his new life as a stay-at-home house-husband-father in Tokyo!?

When his Japanese mother-in-law passes away, 36-year-old Englishman Bryan Jenkins moves to Tokyo with his family to live with his father-in-law.

While his wife heads out to work in the city each day and his daughter strives to adapt to a new school and country, he must come to grips with being a homemaker in Japan. Each day presents new challenges, whether it be the Japanese bathing culture, learning how to make a proper school lunch – all alongside a silent, gruff father-in-law.

Full of laughter and love – and plenty of cultural misunderstandings, witness life in Tokyo through the eyes of a foreigner who just wants to keep his family safe and happy.






  • BJ FOX

    • Bryan Jenkins(BJ Fox)
    • ブライアン・ジェンキンズ(BJ フォックス)
    • 36-years-old, Londoner. He put his career at a advertising agency to one side to support his wife and move to Japan for the first time. He puts on a brave, energetic front, but deep down is struggling to come to terms with his new life of making delicate lunch boxes, Japanese learning and an uncommunicative father-in-law.
    • 広告代理店に勤めていたが、愛する妻のために仕事をやめて、初めて東京に住む決意をする。いつもやる気まんまんだが、心の中は、娘のお弁当作りや、無口な義父との同居生活など、不安でいっぱい。
  • 木村佳乃

    • Itsuki Jenkins(Yoshino Kimura)
    • ジェンキンズ・いつき(木村佳乃)
    • Itsuki met her husband while studying in London and a few years later they were married. She works hard as the sole breadwinner for this new family, while keeping relations cheerful between her Japanese father and English husband.
    • ロンドン留学中にブライアンと出会い、結婚。高齢の父・恒夫と一緒に暮らすためにブライアンを説得し、娘アリスとともに帰国。一家の働き手として懸命に働きながら、父と夫の間を明るく取り持つ。
  • 渡辺哲

    • Tsuneo Matsuyama(Tetsu Watanabe)
    • 松山恒夫(渡辺哲)
    • Tsuneo Matsuyama’s life has been turned upside down; first by the death of his wife, and then by the arrival of his daughter – with a granddaughter and a British husband in tow. While he may struggle with daily life with Bryan, he is totally smitten with his cute granddaughter Alice.
    • 妻を亡くして気落ちをしていたところ、娘一家が帰国して生活が一変する。英語と洋食が苦手。ブライアンとの生活にとまどうが、孫娘アリスが可愛くてしょうがない。
  • アイラ・ローズ

    • Alice Jenkins(Isla Rose)
    • ジェンキンズ・アリス(アイラ・ローズ)
    • 6-years-old, born in London, but now living in Japan and enrolled in a Japanese elementary school. Tough, but full of energy, and finds herself as a bilingual interpreter for her grandfather (who speaks zero English) and her father (who speaks even less Japanese)!
    • ロンドン生まれの6歳。帰国して、日本の小学校へ入学。普段は、母いつきに代わって、英語しか話せない父と日本語しか話せない祖父のために通訳をするしっかり娘。



  • Directed by Teruyuki Yoshida
  • 演出 吉田照幸
  • Yoshida’s extraordinary comedy series, “Salaryman NEO-Office Chuckles”, became so popular it was nominated for the Best Comedy Series in the 35th and 36th International Emmy Awards. In 2011, he directed the smash hit drama “Amachan”. He has received numerous drama awards for his works of “The Cave Man”, “Hellgate Island” and “Fuji Family”. His 3rd film, “The Detective is in the Bar 3”, is scheduled to be released this winter.
  • 型破りなコメディとして人気を博した「サラリーマンNEO」を企画・演出し、第35回・36回国際エミー賞コメディ部門でノミネートされた。2013年、ドラマ「あまちゃん」が日本で大ヒット。「洞窟おじさん」、「獄門島」「富士ファミリー」で数々のドラマ賞を受賞。監督3作目となる「探偵はBarにいる3」が今年の冬公開を控える。