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The story of the bombing told with photos.

 As many years have passed since the dropping of the atomic bomb and there are fewer and fewer survivors of the bombing who can tell their stories, the importance of preserving and passing down the memories of the experience of the atomic bombing for posterity has become all the more important. At NHK Hiroshima, we have compiled profiles of nearly 160 buildings, bridges, trees, and monuments that symbolically tell the story of the atomic bomb and Hiroshima, express the feelings that the citizens of Hiroshima have held close for many years, and proclaim the importance of peace.
 By adding submitted stories and new information along with impressions from readers onto the site, we have created a shared record of Hiroshima and a map of areas affected by the atomic bomb to leave for future generations.
Sources for photos appearing on the site are listed with each photo.
Photos with no source listed were either provided by the Hiroshima Archives, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, or Hiroshima Convention and Visitors Bureau, or are photos taken by NHK Hiroshima.
Descriptions appearing on the site were created using the exhibition "A-bombed Structures Speak" and the website of the Hiroshima Convention and Visitors Bureau as reference.
Icons on the map indicating affected areas may indicate the area in which a site is located rather than the exact location of that site.

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