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GLOBAL AGENDA is a full-scale debate program.
World opinion leaders discuss and propose solutions to the issues that Japan and the world face today.

The Global Compact on Refugees: Ideals vs. Reality

Dates of Broadcast

Dec. 15, Sat.
Dec. 15, Sat.
New York:
Dec. 14, Fri.

The UN Global Compact on Refugees seeks to rebalance the burden of hosting and supporting the world’s refugees. Can it establish a win-win situation? Experts debate the issue at UNHCR in Geneva.


Farukh Amil

Pakistani Ambassador to the UN in Geneva

Naima Hanieh

Refugee from Iraq

Dominik Haubrich

Co-founder & CEO, interkular gGmbH

Volker Türk

Assistant High Commissioner, UNHCR

Soazic Elise Wang Sonne

Researcher, United Nations University-MERIT


Miki Ebara

Chief International Correspondent, NHK WORLD