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GLOBAL AGENDA is a full-scale debate program.
World opinion leaders discuss and propose solutions to the issues that Japan and the world face today.

Asia’s Economy:  Changing Roles, Shifting Realities

Dates of Broadcast

June 10, Sat.
June 10, Sat.
New York:
June 9, Fri.

Asia has long been the engine of the global economy and its fate was intimately connected with that of the US. But the election of Donald Trump, fueled by opposition to globalization, could change all that. Meanwhile, China has bold plans to bring the rest of Asia into its economic orbit. In this edition of Global Agenda, our panelists will discuss key issues, including the future course of the region’s economy and who will take the lead.


Victor Gao Chairman, China Energy Security Institute

Michael Stumo CEO, Coalition for a Prosperous America

Khong Yuen Foong Professor, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore

Daisuke Iwase Co-founder and President, Lifenet Insurance Company


Simon Tay Chairman, Singapore Institute of International Affairs