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GLOBAL AGENDA is a full-scale debate program.
World opinion leaders discuss and propose solutions to the issues that Japan and the world face today.

Russia in the New Global Balance of Power

Dates of Broadcast

Mar. 11, Sat.
Mar. 11, Sat.
New York:
Mar. 10, Fri.

Three years have passed since Russia's annexation of Crimea, and its relationship with the west has soured. Now, amid the Syrian crisis, tensions in East Asia, and the new administration of US President Donald Trump, the global outlook is becoming murkier. And Russia is playing a larger role on the international stage.
Today we will talk to 4 experts from Japan, Russia, the United States and China about the rapidly changing global situation, with a focus on Russia.


Angela Stent Professor, Georgetown University

Alexander Panov Former Russian Ambassador to Japan

Feng Shaolei Professor, East China Normal University

Nobuo Shimotomai Professor, Hosei University


Jun Takao Head of International News Division, NHK