October 6, 2011 (Thu)Social Media for Disaster Awareness

Hi Eco Friends,

Most of you reading this probably have also checked your email and some sort of social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linked-in or Mixi within the last 24 hours.

Well in Japan, efforts are being made to use this media to help with earthquake relief as well as gain support for areas that are still in need, as well as share stories to spread information outside of Japan.

The Ishinomaki relief trip, which I helped out on last month was posted
on Facebook through the organizer, and using it was able to secure over 10 weekend volunteers in a 2-week time frame.  By using Facebook to post photos, update subscribers on the trip and comment on over all progress, we were able to reach out and give a real-life account of what was going on in the area.

And it seems not just small groups and personal users are picking up this trend, but local governments are starting to follow suit as well.  I just read today in the Yomiuri Newspaper that the city of Kesennuma Miyagi, which was hit badly by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami has created a page on Facebook to help share locals` experiences, stories, and photos to help gain support and awareness worldwide.  The site currently has over 1000 subscribers, and proves this kind of multimedia is a really fast way to reach out across the globe.

Now, in Japan, it’s not just spreading word about the disaster and its affect on communities, but also on the reality of non-affected areas that are still safe for tourists to visit.  Let’s hope more and more communities, municipalities, and local businesses will use social media tools to reveal the reality and up-to-date facts on specific areas in Japan.  Check out “Smile Japan Project”

Smile Japan Project(NHK Eco-Mix)Smile Japan Project(NHK Eco-Mix)(∗this video is no longer available)

Well that’s all for me.  Have a great week and see you soon!

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