December 2, 2011 (Fri)Solar Gadgets for Tomorrow

Dear Eco Channel Friends,

It’s Ginger here.  Burrrrr, it seems that almost overnight it turned really chilly in Tokyo with temperatures down to the teens last week and today the high was a mere 9 degrees Celsius! 

blue skiesBut the good news is that Tokyo, as cold as it can be in the winter, are filled with clear, blue skies, and sunny days.  So I’ve decided to take advantage of the sun and have been on the hunt for the perfect gadget to help recharge all my devices such as cell phone, computer, and video camera.  Maybe it seems weird that I wouldn’t opt for charging them via a simple electrical outlet, but these days I am on the go so much as a reporter and writer, having portable power is really necessary.

The solution, solar panels!  I have been researching online for the best solar chargers for the past 2 weeks and although yes, I should already know the best ones out there (considering I work for the Eco Channel) you’d be surprised how quickly new ones come out on the market.  As I don’t have a car, most of the time I am on planes, trains, taxis, and of course my favorite-bicycle, which got me thinking I need to choose a gadget that fits my lifestyle.  A few of my friends have backpacks that have a built-in notebook-size solar panel on the front, but after some thought, I don’t really like carrying backpacks all that much (ok, I think they look kind of lame) and I wanted something I could carry separately in my pocket.

Solar GadgetsAfter some research, I found this really amazing solar gadget that folds up to the size of a man’s wallet and can charge internal batteries along with accessories such as a phone.  And the best part about it is, I can cycle with it in my bike basket or hang it off my bag to make full use of the sun.  It should be coming in the mail next week and then I can truly test it out.  I’ll keep you posted how it works out.

In the future, I’d like a bigger solar-power solution like you see in this week’s video, “Solar Power…on a Roll. .   It is amazing how sleek, flexible, and reasonably priced these panels have become.

Solar Power...On a Roll(Japan Biz Cast)Solar Power...On a Roll(Japan Biz Cast)

And some other exciting news coming up….The Tokyo Motor Show!  The event officially opens tomorrow and I am set on checking out some of their concept cars based on the theme, “Smart Mobility City 2011.” The exhibition features next-generation cars along with “social systems with which they interact,” to show how society and infrastructure are changing to make it possible to switch to cars that are better for the environment.

Stay tuned next week to get the latest from the show!  Have a great weekend and stay warm!

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Hi there! That's really really cool! I'm glad a lot of people now are opt to use quality solar accessories. Taking advantage what our sun offers is wonderful. The fact that solar energy doesn't use raw mining materials then it is quite healthy for our environment. Thank you for sharing that to us.

21/08/2012/ 17:19 | herlynrain

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