February 2, 2012 (Thu)Gearing up for Green Style Japan

Hi Eco Channel Friends,

It’s Ginger Vaughn here just wrapping up a busy week. Here on the Green Style team we’ve been working feverishly the last few days to finish up our spring edition of Green Style Japan 2012 which features a variety of new topics regarding sustainable lifestyles and green ideas here in Japan.  They include: sustainable recovery, radiation awareness, cutting Co2 and protecting forests.

120130.jpg Ginger and Mr.Shindo pull up fresh oysters grown using
microbubble technology in episode 1 of Green Style Japan.

This time around I did a lot of reporting in Tohoku, northern Japan in areas that were destroyed by last year’s March earthquake and tsunami.   The situation has improved greatly since last spring as many recovery efforts and aid groups are in place that are trying to help locals get back to some kind of normalcy.   However, there is still a long way to go, as mountains of unprocessed debris are still a common sight along with dilapidated buildings next to newly built ones.

Although it was very difficult to interview people who had been through so much hardship, I am always impressed and genuinely touched about how strong and positive the Japanese have been during this difficult time.  The spirit of “gambarou” or “perseverance” is definitely a reoccurring theme among many of the people I met in the last three months while shooting for Green Style Japan. And in terms of sustainability, it was interesting to hear so many young voices pushing toward a greener Japan.  While speaking with a group of freshman at Nihon University about an energy efficient LOHAS house, I was happy to hear one young man say, “Japan has been through hell, and there has been so much damage. So if we are going to start building something new, it’s a chance to do it sustainability.”  Now that’s what I like to hear.

Please stay tuned in February to watch our new season (4 episodes) of Green Style Japan.  One 30-minute program will air every Thursday at 8:30am Japan Standard Time and rebroadcast every 4 hours.

Green Style Japan On-Air Schedule:

Feb. 2 (Sustainable Recovery Post 3.11)
Episode 1 features microbubble technology used to revive oyster beds in areas that were destroyed by the March tsunami.  Take a look at how seawater is used to turn concrete debris into a new building material.

Feb. 9 (Raising Radiation Awareness)
Episode 2 shows how citizens and educators are stepping up radiation education in an aim to raise awareness and protect their children.

Feb.16 (Unique technology for CO2 reduction)
Episode 3 introduces recent efforts to reduce carbon dioxide pollution through methods such as carbon capturing.  Check out the LOHAS project (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability), which features a prototype home that is making the most of natural resources.

Feb.23 (Protecting Forests)
Episode 4 brings you into the forests of Japan where new trends such as volunteer forestry among young people is helping boost local industry.  Also a look at forest therapy takes you on a hike that will not only revive your senses but lower your stress level!

And our clip of the week is a preview of some of the topics to be discussed in the upcoming Green Style Japan series. This video titled “3.11 and Radioactive Contamination”,discusses radiation pollution and power shortages across Japan. 

“3.11 and Radioactive Contamination”3.11 and Radioactive Contamination

That’s all for me today. Have a great week and see you next time!

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Keep up the great works Ginger! I watched all the past video clips for Green Style Japan and has learned a lot of cool things. Just stumbled onto your blog, I will sure to follow it and learn about your upcoming NHK episodes. My hope is to visit Japan in the coming future, see in person all the eco-friendly technologies in action, apply them to my business and everyday living. GO GREEN!

21/03/2012/ 21:54 | Harry Chuandra

hi Ginger, It's great to know that your Team are doing great efforts to raise awareness about the environment. i love watching your show and i'm looking forward to it more this year. Good luck and Thank you so much!!!

08/06/2012/ 14:56 | Odessa Ates-Villareal

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