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ChefEiji Taniguchi

An avant-garde chef who works to share the joys of Toyama's food with the world.
After honing his craft at French restaurants and hotels in Japan and overseas, he opened L’évo, an avant-garde restaurant that serves truly artistic dishes that could only come from Toyama, using the finest local ingredients from both land and sea. He works alongside the farmers who strive to produce vegetables and meat of ever-higher quality, to further spread the appeal of Toyama's food.

Aug. 18, Fri. 2017

Cook Around Japan[Toyama]

Baby Boar and Wild Mountain Vegetables

Ever since the Hokuriku Shinkansen line opened in 2015, getting from Tokyo to Toyama has become easier than ever. This two-part episode will help to share the delights of rural Japan with the rest of the world, with a focus on Toyama's food. In this second half, Chef Rika Yukimasa will be meeting Eiji Taniguchi, the avant-garde owner-chef of a trendy Toyama restaurant, to learn about his cuisine. He'll be preparing two of his specialties: firewood-grilled baby chicken, with a special breed of chicks, and roast baby boar with wild mountain vegetables. We'll also be leaving the usual studio behind, to go meet farmers and dish makers who are also working to raise Toyama's profile on the international stage.